Shiva's Sanctuary: Game of Thrones Style 18+ RP/PVP

Good evening!

Shiva’s Sanctuary is a PS4 server based on the Game of Thrones Series. We are looking for new members 18+ to join our server. The server is RP/PVP. Some groups RP more than others. If you aren’t a big role-player, you’re still welcome to check us out.

We have weekend raids and land claims available. You may choose to settle as a bannerman house under one of the existing kings or queens–or maybe you’ll take the throne for yourself.

Do you have what it takes to rule the realm?

  • Weekend raiding

*PVP/stealing allowed during week

*Admin events and raids for the server to play together

*Role-play offered

*Discord available with role-play and ooc channels

*Land split into different realms, all available to be conquered and reclaimed by new rulers

If interested, check us out! Shiva’s Sanctuary on the PS4 PVP list.

Discord listed upon login or you may contact me.

Hope to see you soon!

Hello! I’ve ran across your server a few times and was wondering if you’re still taking in players? I run a clan of three and was also wondering if it would be okay for us to join? I don’t know much about game of thrones but I do know a little about running a kingdom, had more clan mates joined awhile ago and we had built a small kingdom. Is the whole clan claiming lands strict or are we able to build a small nation allied with said realm we choose to settle?