Short cut bar dropping when not supposed to

I run a pve-c sever and It is currently set to drop everything on death, except the short cut wheel. However, when you die it drops everything including the shortcut wheel. Is this currently not working or have I done something wrong in it’s set up? The drop short cut and backpack are currently set to off and the drop inventory is set to on. Any info would be a great help on this issue .

I have messed with this setting before.
I think, and i mean think, that you have to set the inventory to off, and the back to on.

Haven’t been able to confirm if the settings actuall work.

I think it is set up like this
Inventory is backpack and short cut
So having that on, is overriding the other settings. I can test when i get hom on my private.

as far as i know these settings don’t work atm, it is either drop it all or nothing.


I was not sure about it thanks so much for the info

Thanks. Yeah, it is one of these settings that they wanted to do, but for some reason was never fully implemented. Thrall/NPC damage/health is the same way. Their are 2 settings, but only one actually controls both. I believe it is the NPC slider on damage/health. The thrall is just a place holder for the setting that was never implemented.

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