Should clans be allowed to "Alpha" across servers?

Basic explanation, a somewhat large clan in an official PVP essentially runs their “home server” which is an expected and accepted part of the PVP world.

However, when this clan makes certain demands of others and, if those demands aren’t met, they follow a player or players AWAY from said server, to any other server they should attempt to play in, and message their literal intent to not allow them to play the game without being wiped daily. Granted, wipes and raids are a normal PVP aspect, but where is the line between running a server as an alpha, and running Conan Exiles the game?

Sounds a bit far fetched that they follow everyone to every sever after they leave “their” server but it is Conan. My guess they will probably get reported/targeted and they will dwindle out of existence. Clans rarely are able to stay on one sever for a long period of time these days due to reports so maybe give it time and let itself work out. It’s really all you can do.

Yeah I dunno how anyone can stop this. The game’s been out so long I’m surprised there isn’t one huge clan spread across all the official servers already. Maybe there is and I’m just too hermit solo to notice lol.

Back when I first played on xbox all four Oceania servers were dominated by one alpha clan, who would go to other clans home servers and wipe them every now and then to prove they were still top dog. They all got bored eventually and the clan fell apart :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m not saying they follow everyone to other servers, it’s more like if they so decide that you’ve done something to deserve not being able to play the game, in any pvp, without a daily wipe from them, they will follow you around and do just that.

It’s to the point that I was told to do something, and if I didn’t, it would be “open season” on me in the new server I’d joined to get away from them. They then proceeded to join said server and message me the server number along with more threats.

It has come to the point that I literally feel like a small group has decided that I am simply not permitted to enjoy the game if they say I’m not.

That sound like harassment tbh, if its multiple servers and they keep threatening you and following.


Consider putting in a ticket to change your funcom id. Provide information to support your request.

Once it is changed, move to a completely different server and don’t use similar character and clan names.

Ultimately you can report them if you feel threatened but that won’t stop them from still seeking you out as long as they know your funcom id.


I have been targeted by this as well and its not fun but there isn’t much of a way to regulate this behavior. FC can’t police outside of it’s system and that is where these things are communicated between folks.

If you do feel harassed, get the screenshots and report them Submit a request – Funcom

Just keep playing. The one thing I know is that eventually these jerks screw up and suffer big time. We had an adversary that was a real piece of work and threw out some really offensive shade (where Sony got involved) . Well his friends are targeting us across servers. I recognize a few names from the past associations but I have no linkage nor proof they are doing this as an organized effort. So if they want to spend their free time going after me and my friends as we play…OK. I hope it’s fun. I wouldn’t think so but what do I know? If they are this guy’s friends, then they will be just as stupid and make some dumb comment that will get them in trouble…because stupidity loves company.


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