Should I keep trying to send E-mails about this bug?

So, I intermittently get this memory bug for MemoryManager.cpp:640. The ClientLog.txt file has details in it about the error and I constantly get a prompt to enter what I was doing at the time, along with my E-mail to send to Funcom. However, this E-mail never appears to send. The popup client always times-out with an invalid response from the server and then crashes.

Should I keep attempting to send this information? Is there some configuration on my end that might be stopping it? Should I just ignore it?

I would think an internal memory leak would be fairly easy to patch. This is not an error in the Operating System environment as Windows does not ever register an application fault of any kind. It is a strictly internal memory error.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

That’s the nvidia memory leak. No need to keep reporting it.

This a new bit you’re doing lol

Ah, thanks for that!! I do have to chuckle a bit that the game client that used to begin by showing the “nVidia! The way it’s meant to be played!” graphic is now incompatible with that very same company’s technology. LoL :smiley:

Heya Funcom, do you think you could at least patch out the reporting popup if it is no longer valid and not in production, please? I will just create a task to close down the client upon detection of the error, but it would be nice for others who might not know this feature is no longer in use.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

It’s nvidia’s bit. Their dev site is littered with references to their memory leaks.