SHOULD I? not sure what I should do?

So i have the same issue as everyone else… I tried to pay with paypal, it didn’t go through, tried twice… and it got stuck, so used a credit card. It went through, but the previous payments were denied and I got the dreaded email of ‘your subscription is ended’… so no character slots… no membership, just free play BUT they have my money from the credit card. and 4 tickets and no answers…
so should I go ahead and try a membership again? i tried paypal again on funpoints and it still didn’t work, so thinking if i try membership one more time the worst that can happen is two months of play… OR i have to dispute 2months of payment? what’s the best thing to do?

it’s been since feb 22nd since i tried this

should i “CHANGE PAYMENT” on the old ones that have been denied or start another new one? what are the odds of actually getting an active premium account?

You should do nothing until you hear from support. Funcom billing system is just terrible. When I say nothing, I mean Don’t make any more transactions.

OH MY GOD~! now they’ve banned my character??? wtf? no email… no nothing… and have 2 months of subscription payments and never took me out of free play???

lol… wow

Myself and others are having the same problem; mine says FROZEN. Screenshot it, send in a ticket and pray for @AndyB

We can’t assist directly with billing issues from the forums. Issuing a chargeback or disputing a payment may result in an account suspension until the payment issue is resolved, please bear in mind. Please wait for a reply from your customer service ticket; thank you for your patience. I understand the wait may be frustrating.