Should I quit playing?

For the past 2 years I’ve played Conan Exiles nearly every day and I was always happy with the time invested - until quite recently that is.

For the second time in a matter of weeks I’ve lost a considerable number of recipes. Poof! All sigil and trophy recipes from the vaults GONE WITHOUT A TRACE. This is just unacceptable. Why should I invest my time to play this game if everything can just be taken away at random?

I fear that I won’t get any response to my bug report from Funcom - which leads me to the following question: Gathering recipes is one of the main end-game features of this game. If these recipes can now randomly disappear - then what is the point? Should I quit playing?

Honestly, if I’m just playing to populate Funcom’s servers then: yes. I’ll stop playing. I’m not in this for them, I’m in it to progress my character. If that progress is just arbitrarily deleted, than I don’t see the point in playing.

I honestly don’t mind putting in the work to grind mats, or to travel the entire length and breadth of the map to find what I’m looking for, but having it taken from me for no reason defeats the purpose.


There was a point when a new feature was introduced during Early Access. The side effect was when you’d reset with Yellow Lotus, all your acquired feats would disappear. It was handled as a bug, and when reversed our learned feats mostly returned.

I have played for a month on a no-pop EL server because a war went off and emptied it, right as we arrived. Last night we had 5 friendlies on, with another 5 unknowns on and off. We’re not playing for Funcom. Sometimes it’s slow, sometimes there’s strife. We’re always Exiles, especially when we take a break.


Well I’ve quit, and going to have a short cathartic rant in your thread about it. :japanese_goblin: :dash:

I had been playing the same character on IoS since October 2020 and last week gave up entirely. I’ve also been playing CE since near launch and can handle the usual weirdness, however…The recipes disappearing (more than a small annoyance), but the two main reasons for me were:

  1. Aesir and Jhebbal Sag Surge warriors still bugged after 3 months. This is an insult to all the work I did to grind, capture and level them, not to mention all the hours testing, making new weapons and moving on to Accursed types.

  2. RNG. After 8 months completing 420+ Vaults and 63 full recipes from schematics grinding the grey one’s pools I still didn’t get a GM Armorer recipe drop. Ludicrous.

Another thing was the land claim spammers and base linkers.
After reporting once and having them cleaned up: just 3 months later it’s back again and takes me hours to record, name, edit and upload. Especially when some are using the invisible clan names exploit.
But that’s how it goes(possibly)on Official. Still if not for the first two reasons I’d still be playing(yes, even with that and the crap perks system). Needless to say I’ll never go back. Far too little, a lot too late.

So I dumped my 133 T4 Crafters, ten’s of thousands each of hardened leather, alchemical base, 482 full sets of Eldarium armour, 189 Eldarium Weapons on the ground along with 7 full Vaults of everything else and deleted my character. It certainly wasn’t easy to do but I’m a man of principle and won’t be dancing to that tune anymore.


I don’t necessarily promote going scorched earth, but CE has a history of consistently improving the game. Take a break, let everything decay and come back with the next introduction of content. Spending a few thousand hours in any game, you’re going to run out of content. You’re going to be looking for new adventures and it’s eventually just not going to be there.

I’ve personally stopped and restarted 4 or 5 times, each time I’ve enjoyed the journey from pauper to prince so to speak. I realized when I began handing out T4 fighters like candy recently that I had hit the ceiling and it was time to part ways for a bit.


If a player is not happy, its always good to step away from “any” game that they feel frustrated with. People leave many games because of game bugs / changes they dislike, etc. ESO our raid leader (and another guild’s) left the game pretty much due to the recent changes to the game he disliked.

You will have to do what makes you happy. No game is perfect (as I hear various WoW players complaining about the direction of WoW the past couple of years). If a game is no longer fun, then there lacks a point to continue playing it. Or do what others have done, take a break from the game and return back when it will feel more fresh. I bounce between ESO and CE consistently where both games do not burn me out that much. Playing any game for a long time does have a burnout factor.

Also as someone suggested, trying a different server with different maps may be more fun for you as well.
(Savage Wilds, Isle of Tir Na Nog, etc) There is at least 4 or 5 map mods available which private servers are running. Or some servers have modified Exiled Lands with various mods to expand the map.

Whatever your decide to do, happy gaming in whatever game you are playing.


Games are played to have fun, if you aren’t having fun anymore it’s time to move on. Maybe it will be a short break and you’ll return refreshed, or maybe you’ll never play it again

Sticking with something that’s frustrating you in your free time will just lead to more frustration


Thank you all. I think you guys are right and that I should take a step back.

It’s a real shame, I was looking forward to Siptah, and even though I would’ve rather played there with my character from Exiled Lands, I was getting into the spirit of things. I really love the game, but bugs like these make me feel that Funcom doesn’t give it the attention it deserves.

On to new things, I suppose.


It’s always good to take a break once in a while. Play something else, socialize with friends or whatnot. It can breathe new life into your favourite games if you stop playing them for a month or two.


Quitting a game is never as binary as e.g. quitting a job would be. You can always take a break and then return later. Of course, on Conan Exiles official servers, decay means you’d basically come back for a fresh restart.

But the point of every game is to have fun. If you’re not having fun playing a game, go do something else you enjoy, and then come back later to see if the game still has something to offer you. It’s better to take the break before you get totally burned by frustration.

Me, I still haven’t set foot on Siptah. I’m taking my leisurely time doing whatever remains undone in Exiled Lands while waiting for Siptah to get “finished”. I’m grateful to all of you pioneers who stress-test the new features so that by the time I get there, most of the growing pains are in the past.


Running around asking each other “what are we even doing here?” Was half the fun lol

@Kapoteeni ,I was waiting for Siptah like a five year old kid waiting for ice-cream . I even got earlier from my job to download as fast as possible and then …
Like you said I could find no joy in the game because the servers were not ready to accept all this gamer wave so I just couldn’t play . 3 days before Siptah stranded deep was free for some days on ps plus (after I pay it ofcurce ), it was a game that helped me past a month away from Siptah until the first wave finish it’s damage , so one week ago I returned on Siptah and tried to log in in 5 different servers until I stop to the one I play now . To every single server I was playing for 30 min and then I was dropped out , without any specific reason , finally on my fifth attempt I manage to play . Believe me I was ready to quit for good . Now I don’t quite know if I play Conan from habit or because i enjoy the game , either way , it’s good that I can play and relax , that’s the important thing I guess . So I really agree with what you suggested to @Boreas , if it doesn’t make you happy anymore take a break dude , you must be the one that enjoy this gaming time , so do us you please .

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