Should new map be free?

If you don’t want people to build on your map, play Single Player.

If the new map is a paid DLC, then everyone else who builds on that map has paid the same price as you have, so they have an equal right to build wherever they want. If the new map is free, then everyone has an equal right to build on it, too. So whether it’s paid or not has no relevance to whether other people are going to build on it or not.


No. It shouldn’t be free. Devs don’t work for free. You don’t get your entertainment for free. People put a lot of hours and time into this, the art, the experience, etc… they deserve to get paid for it.


Hooray, Im glad I walked away last night and yall responded for me! I can keep babbling on about more beard styles!!

Real talk tho, im kinda over this. Its not even a debate anymore. I got both my CE copies for free. PC was a gift from someone I met over Ark and PS came with my psplus. And im still happy to buy the map, alongside the dlcs ive already purchased.

But lets go to the pvp concerns one last time. When considering game balance and mechanics I really try to be considerate to both play styles, I dont pvp and I dont feel as if my playstyle is taken into consideration by pvp players. That being said Im starting to care less and less about pvp issues, stop ■■■■■■■■ up weapons i like!!! But as for a purchased advantage, well alls fair in love and war. I dont see anyone complaining that peoples computers or internet connection be throttled to create a fair play environment. So if youre playing pvp and someone has 20 more bucks than you to buy the map, well tough cookies. Real world resources such as time and money are very much a factor in pvp, so nothing left to say there except moar beards!!

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People and claims for free stuff in games… or even free games…

(and they say the Dutch are greedy if it about money haha)

Creating games cost money:

  • Staff does not work for free
  • Software is mostly not for free
  • Hardware is not for free
  • Maintaining servers is not for free

Do I really need to expain more…? Hope not :slight_smile:


If Funcom puts out a new map, it should be absolutely free and the existing one should be fixed. They said on several occasions that they’d only ever charge for cosmetic DLC. A map isn’t cosmetic and considering the condition this game’s been in since day one, we shouldn’t have to pay for a new one. They seem to be able to afford to give away the game for promotional purposes.

It boggles my mind how many people are okay with the idea of Funcom going back on their word on this topic. I guess integrity doesn’t mean squat to some folks.

I’m still waiting for them to fix whatever the last patch messed up so I can get to tinkering with the game again.

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If there is not money to be made by adding new lands… how likely will we get new lands?

But new lands for free will ofcourse give a boost in sales, new players may buy and play the game for it.
There might be even opportunities for new dlc’s along with new area’s.

I think new lands should be free, but are less likely to happen when they don’t find a way to make money

I’m against the idea of new maps… keep the new biomes in the Exiled lands

No, ce was free for psplus members last April. We will just agree 2 disagree. But, one last attempt about my way of thinking on paid dlc. Lets say you bought the last dlc so you can build stables. Now pretend I’m on your server, and somehow I can keep you from building stables. Would you be upset? You just wasted 10 bucks for nothing, you wanted stables. Tough luck, I just took that away. My bet, you would be furious and want a refund for paid content you can’t use.

The game usually costs money, as most games do. If you got it for free during a special, that is different from the standard business model. Typically companies require money to run, people don’t work for free. Future content is funded by players buying either the base game, or all the expansions for it. A paid map would give them more than enough funding to keep going for quite a while, whereas if it were free they wouldn’t be getting any funding from it at all, meaning less likely to see large updates come.

No. The new map should be a paid addition.

I have most certainly gotten my money’s worth from base game purchase. (plus non-required dlcs). I used to buy 2 or 3 games a month, but my personal game purchases go down when I am playing a game consistently.

I would purchase more if there was even more decent content available… just to support the game development and the time I play the game.

I am an “older” player that is used to the old mmo paid subscription model… and unfort. the p2w model as well - not everyone has the same gameplay/purchase history background.


I catch your drift, but I can see a problem. For the record, Conan Exiles is free forever for PS Plus members who added it to their Library during the Plus promotion. If you have three Plus accounts, whammo, three extra copies.

Right now, it’s possible to deny players on official servers access to mineable Brimstone resources. You can’t build T3 without steel reinforcements, yet no one can pursue the argument they’re being denied access to DLC. There are channels of enforcement, administration, banishment and removal of illegal buildings, already in place. If there were a paid map, it would be handled in much the same way, I suspect.


I think I’m not being clear about what I’m trying to say. I’m not saying you’re wrong to be upset, I’m saying you take that to wrong conclusions.

I am also upset that the official servers are not moderated and that the only way to be safe from griefers is to find a private server with the configuration you like and an admin who doesn’t abuse power. I understand why Funcom does it that way, but I don’t like it.

However, that has nothing to do with whether the map should be free or not. It’s a discussion about server moderation.

Think about it this way: back in the day of LAN parties, you would buy a game that had a multiplayer mode and pay for that. It was up to you to set up your own network and play with your friends. Conan Exiles – whether we like it or not – follows the same model.

You pay for the game, but you don’t pay for the official servers. They’re not really free – as far as I understand, Funcom’s eating that cost somehow – but you’re not paying for them. There’s no subscription. Hell, you could get the game for free like you did, never buy any DLC, and still play on the official servers as long as they exist. That’s the reason why Funcom doesn’t offer any moderation for official servers.

So in short, you can pay for the game and the maps and play them without any interference, if you choose to play singleplayer or co-op with your buddies or on a private server you like or control. The problems you’re talking about are very real, but they’re the consequence of lack of moderation on official servers.

Should official servers be moderated? Everyone will have their own opinion. It’s a neverending discussion here, but I don’t see a change coming soon. Personally, I like @dorizzdt’s idea of having a pool of community-supported and community-moderated servers which would be included in the official server list, but if that happens, I don’t see Funcom taking the first step towards it.


If it means that a good chunk of official population moves to the new map zones freeing up the old zones I am fine with it being paid for.

Sure it means that they can travel freely. But I won’t buy it.

It will keep me out of the weeds. Most people Will gravitate and build in the new locations which leaves me to my own devices.

I’m cool with that. More space for me on the comfy old map.

Edit: I guess the only way I would buy it is if they changed recipes I need to make with resources only found on the new map. Then I’d be forced to buy it.

CE is only free for PS Plus because you pay for PS Plus… that makes it not free.


If you were active during Early Access and saw @Jens_Erik on his streams, he would regularly nod, raise his eyebrows and say “they’re official servers, they’re what we have committed to provide,” whenever asked about the quality or number. As official servers improved, and game modes changed or were pruned, his answers came more from his eyes: they are still committed to providing free resources for us.

When you look at the loading screens and see that g-portal is co-promoted, it goes a long way toward building brand confidence. I think that alone is worth a good chunk of change, and in my opinion, as a service provider if my brand were placed in front of 50,000 gamers per hour, it would be worth a significant discount. Funcom seems to be laying out the server rental fees to meet its commitment to give us a petri dish or 500, and meanwhile g-portal gets props, and a steady stream of new business from players who want just a little bit more than vanilla.

It’s the “rising tide lifts all ships” mentality that is part of the egalitarian nature of our developers. Ordinarily I’d couch this in pan-cultural backslapping so that it doesn’t seem quite so obsequious, but I’ll risk it: they have kept their promises, and other than decay don’t require that we play at all.

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this already exists. It’s called PVP. I can blow up his stables. should the person get refunded every time i blow up his DLC i don’t own?


Perhaps the swamp was created on mondays only - but whoever designed the actual CE map are not only level designers to me, but really amazing and excellent artists. I am still fascinated after years and thousands of hours of gamplay. People on a level like this should be payed and given enough time to develop the new map. We should be happy to pay them!

If the old and new map should be connected in any way, that is a topic worth to be discussed in another thread, I think.

And, by the way, if we play CE on servers that are open to the public, we already paid for the fact that we can ran into some player-made nonsense in a certain way. If it is foundation spamming or free loot is up to the others, wich is a very amazing game concept (some call it “sandbox”) :wink:


It’s a model that ARK uses very successfully but with a choice of around 6 maps total with half of them being paid DLC. ARK has a substantially larger player base than Conan and map choice/variety is one of the key differences between the two. If only Conan had 3-4-5 maps to choose from when choosing a location.

And i disagree that it’s pay to win.

if it is considered content (which IMO it is) it should be free. Or announce their change of policy regarding DLC.

I think the new map should be free for a month 3 years after its release for PlayStation Plus users. OP can get to play it then, else they would need to pay for it :slight_smile:

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Nobody should spend money to this bugged game full of cheaters and if the map will be paid, this game will be dead, oh wait, it already is.