Should not need to be said

Frankly, I am appalled that every day when I check these Forums that most of the posts are about billing problems.
Even recently, a guildmate had an issue who as far as I know never had a problem in years of subbing.

It should not be needed to said , fix the billing.

Make sub time available in the game store for funcom points.


There’s a lot under Funcom that shouldn’t need to be said, alas does need to be said.

They’ve basically abandoned their IPs and player base.


After browsing the other forums I found no other Funcom game that seems to have these problems, not Secret World Legends or Anarchy Online or Conan Exiles.
What’s so special with AOC for all these payment issues?
PLEASE, Funcom, fix the billing, no player should have to leave because of unnecessary problems !!!

good idea :+1:


Chances are good that there are more people with issues that don’t post than there are that do post. This is a really BIG issue. People leave and never come back kind of issue. Guild destroying issue. It affects all players.

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It boggles the mind how people are trying to give Funcom money, yet they make it so damn difficult to do so. It’s almost like they don’t care about the money…

I have never played a game that has such horrible billing issues as this one.


Do you often show up saying all is working as intended ?

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Aoc and tsw had billing issues since day one. One issue that I don’t think ever got fixed with the old system was that if your payment for some reason failed you had to contact customer support and have them manually remove the failed payment entry in order to try again.

This issue alone has probably cost Age of Conan thousands of players over the years. Why no one in Funcom has been held accountable for all that lost revenue is beyond me.