Should Rockslide purges be attacking noobie areas?

I had a small 2 vault pyramid around the sinkhole area, and rockslide purge happened while i was offline and literally destroyed everything. Aren’t big purges only supposed to happen in the higher lvl areas not literally 500 yards from noob river? It killed 4 lvl 20 dalninsias in full silent armor. Pretty sure they should of been more than enough to kill him so i’m not sure wtf is going on.

Feel like this is a huge bug.

Purges won’t start unless the player is online. Hmm.

Check the map: The Purge - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

The map needs to be updated, as rockslide is near D7.

But, no rockslide shouldn’t be near noob area.

Purges can happen offline if the admin says so.
Sinkhole is not noob.


It depends on what you call “noob river”.

Noob river goes from E4 to I4, because that’s where you would expect literal newcomers to build. So if you got yourself an Avalanche of Rocknoses purge on that one, then yeah, that sounds like a bug.

Then there’s a bunch of other thin shallow rivers that flow south until they join the noob river. Those aren’t “the noob river”. If you got an Avalanche of Rocknoses on one of those, that’s a purge that belongs there.

Official servers are configured to not require any clan members to be online.

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not in a clan.

The map shows the center point of the purge area for each type, not the regular location of the world boss copy shipped with it.

Sinkhole is actually well within the area of the rocknose purges.

The “noobie” areas have actually no purges at all:
This entire area doesn’t have any purges whatsoever, so that’s the “noobie area” specifically designed for that.

You have the log entries for the purge btw? Just wondering if it was your purge or some neighbors.

As for what’s going on, I have a bit of a theory… the game uses a system that suspends the AI whenever it’s not relevant to any players, however if a purge is happening I’m pretty sure this doesn’t apply to them since that would kinda defeat the purpose if all it took to stop the purge is go away from the place…

Because of this it’s entirely possible that your Dalinsias were not fighting at all and just passively standing there.

However the Rockslide is perfectly capable of mowing down 4 Dalinsias in silent legion armor provided they’re using weapons with fairly low armor penetration since Rockslide doesn’t have a lot of HP, but it has a ridiculous amount of armor (7.2k)

In any case, for future reference, I would advise trying to trigger your purges whenever you have a full bar and don’t log off till you got through it


Yeah. I think for the purge not being in a clan is the same as being in a clan of 1.

Main difficulty the avalanche is the knockdown stopping your thralls from hitting back.
One handed maces hyper armor mitigates this alot and allows full combos to go off.
Ive had a level 11 Dalinsa solo him before.

It is a hard purge otherwise, one of the worst using different weapons. Fairly easy with the right weapon type though.

I hope that helps.


So FUncom thinks it ok to ruin a players bases off line.
Thats not the way it used to be. But then we have not had a purge in 4 years.
Purge bar management is your friend. You can set up your purge to trigger on what day you wish, or not at all. We do.

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