Should there be auto repair

I asked question for simple reason mainly I think there should be.

I think this game should be about war of attrition.

Now repair should some what change even if you only apply it to auto repair.

Way I think it should work is building piece that is being repaired.

Mat cost = % of hp it repaired. Say 0.001 % on t2 wall is 5.2 hp.

That means you need about 1000 of each mats cover one bomb.

Then the game be who is more prepared and attacker would have advatage


The game is supposed to be a survival game. Part of that is having to repair your stuff. That means taking the time to repair your stuff.


I think u miss the point I wasn’t talking about gear but building pieces.

Ideal to baby sit a base on raiding times seems poor mechanic.

So there is no real defense mechanic in this game since thralls are so unreliable. It might be better have something stall attacker long enough

This should only be enabled when all clan members are offline, because online raids are almost impossible because of how easy it is to replace building pieces and trap in raiders.

Didn’t building pieces use to self repair after server reset? I remember something like this

I’m of both minds about some mechanism for auto repair, be it a bench with a worker that repairs at a rate or whatever. I get what you mean by it being a survival game, but I also get what bugs people about some pvp behavior. I think the survival aspect is the pve side of the game which pvp also must do. I think the survival part could be enhanced if some things were mitigated for pvp.

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I think auto repair for your building is a good idea its very hard to fix things definitely if you have multiple structures over the part that you want to repair but then auto repair should only be accessible after raid time

Then it would become largely useless.

Not really just use your hammer during raid time and fix everything in one go after raid time it would be very op to fix everything in one go while ur getting attacked

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