Should there be visual decay or age on my buildings

When I have my server set for no decay or abandonment? Repair hammer says everything is perfect, but my original walls look like they are starting to get some dry rot and new walls look very nice.

That’s a texture thing I’ve missed O.o anyone able to clarify(side by side screens or something) whether this actually happens?

Based on the sound of this, you could be experiencing lighting issues. On this game the lighting can be a bit wonky. Light will pass through a wall to light another room, but will not light the side of the wall facing away from the light.
If this effect is still present when lit by the game’s natural sunlight, then it could be an interesting concept that they should explore.

Ok, it was 2am when I posted this. After logging in today and further testing, it is in fact just a randomizing appearance on black ice inside walls. I’ve gone and placed several side by side and their aged appearance is just random. I even compared with the repair hammer to see if the aged look had anything to do with stability and it doesn’t. Just a randomizing appearance Funcom created, as best as I can tell.

I play another game, where walls decay over time and their appearance changes at different levels of decay. I’ve been trained to look for those signs for the last 7 years of playing that game, so that was my first instinct here.

I do not notice the aged looks on the new DLCs so far.

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