Should Thralls have upkeep

I feel like thralls should require a continuous investment throughout their lifetimes. The upkeep would be broken into two parts. The first would consist of what a thrall would need for sustenance. The second would be materials required to maintain the thrall’s clothing and bedding in a manner suitable to their position. I think a basic system could look something like this;

Level I Thralls
-Gruel, Water
-Course Cloth

Level II
-Bread, watery wine/mead/ale.
-Broadcloth, Hide

Level III
-Poor cut of meat, wine/mead/ale
-Sturdy cloth, leather.

Upkeep for my self-repairing armor, weapons, repairing damaged sections of my base and then worrying about thrall upkeep?
No thank you, I would not use thralls at that point

This was supposed to be a thing as part of the “city” system that got abandoned when the devs had to redo the combat system prior to launch. You were supposed to assign your thralls in duty shifts, create housing for them, and provide food and drink. All never got made.

Until thralls are more useful… no.

They should also be able to respawn after death.

No thank you. That’s too much maintenance to worry about. Lets not turn Conan Exiles into Sims.