Show me your armor



You know what this guy is up to, do you? :grin::wink:


Stygian soldier bracers and sandals, Aquilonian helmet. Aquilonian infantry cuirass and Royal tasset (as its one of the few ones I like). Dark and light cimmerian dyes through out.

Didn’t like the black dragon armour, or the general Aquilonian bracers and sandals. Plus, the DLC helmets remove my beard, this one doesn’t.


If I am not fighting a hard boss I prefer to carry “custom” sets that look cool rather than being practical xD

I like this tribal costume: hyena fur skirt plus darfari legs and hands. Setite chest and varnir earrings. It gives you a tribal look, but more “culturized” than darfari, more akin to the kushi-tes kingdoms. And with warpaint is even better.

On my side, my loyal follower comes with a elite bronze look. The chest is stigian but it is combined with varnir armour.

This one is my cimmerian berserker, who despises a practical armor in favour of showing of.


Here one of the new aquilonian armor

Look like one of the aquilionian chief architecture.
The helmet remain vanilla but the most of the blue change to red, that about it.


Tell me did you guy seen this armor often? cost I’m not, took a well to realize this rare gem.
Flawless Cimmerian Fur armor.
Midnight black for the fur
Grey for the sleeves and the body
Red for the Cloth wraps
Red for the Gloves and Boots

Helmet less


I remember the armor especially I’ve notice how much it has changed since I first seen it on a YT channel that was doing a season of the Frozen North expansion.


Hello again, here the Khitan Dlc I prefer gold but I thought to myself I should try it out all with new colors.

All the plate pieces are white
some armour part I use are deep red


Frozen north expansion? this is before the game full release correct? So how the map look like before the North Expansion? I mean can’t you just go to the north back then?


You are bringing back memories from my days in Tiger knight when I always enjoyed the versatile heavy armor made of metal with one of the factions as I love the new metal colour as it makes the rest of the armor just stand out and makes your character look like the pride of the Khitan military. and yes it was and the armor, it lacked the fur over the shoulders and the helmet didn`t have horns as it was only the frozen north, highlands and the mounds of the dead as no volcano or jungle at the time as well.


Funny the Khitan are basically are my cousin from the north, meaning me chinese-malaysian although at first would try to enjoy only European style armor like the cimmerian, aquilonian, etc. But after while looking at the khitan heavy armor kinda remind me one of the three kingdom general Lubu.

So Lol, ya the Metal colours certainly stand out, I think I going to keep it even after I get the chance to make epic flawless.


Nice as i might get the dlc and do a Khitan play through once i finish my current plau through with my current character.


I recommend try some of the khitan building I mean look at this you know how cool is this?


I agree it does look very cool.


Few day ago I’m using Google to search for Nemedian Knight, got curious about the Conan lore, and then I found this:

So I try to dye like this:

Then got my character broke his leg in the process.


Hey again, This couple of day I been looking up alot about the Nemedian and last time the colors was a little bland. So I thought I give the armor a new coat of green or Cyan dark green, and red shoulder to bring out the elite of the Nemedian. After all they did Nemed relate to Nemean Lion,

so I thought why not brightening out the colors and show some a the Nemedian green right?


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