Shrine of Mithra item dissappearance and Wheel of Pain Taskmaster and Thrall in training gone

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [America]

[Earlier I had caught a named carpenter thrall and put it on my wheel of pain on my base, an hour later and I turn in my Life Essences to my Shrine of Mithra which already had 70 ambrosia and 4 Pants and Tops of Mithra Garbs, I see that the thrall is gone and the rank 3 taskmaster is also gone but the food is still there! I checked my event log and saw that nothing had changed and no one killed the fighter and archer thralls near by. I then go back to my Shrine of Mithra and see that everything but the tokens are still there! It’s not my clan members since they were all offline and the mithra strine is on a hill on a mountain and the elevator had not moved]

Steps on how to reproduce issue: