Shrines/Temples on raised foundation blocks

Hello CE Community,

I built a sandstone platform two blocks high on relatively flat ground.

I then am trying to place a tier two Derketo (spelling?) temple on it.

It states there is not enough contact with the ground, yet I see these wonderful builds of giant pyramidal temples with the holy shrine/temple placed at the top.

Am I doing it wrong?

Relog, then try raising and lowering it. Also try moving it around a little.

Will do ty :slight_smile:

This usually fixes most placeable issues. This game really does not like us to put things centered on cracks between foundations.

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if you can place yog but not the others, make sure to remove any roof’s/ceilings and make sure the ground is flat, then try again it should work. Seal it later with walls and roof’s after you place the temple.


this game’s placement system is a mess, they really should have the option to snap to foundations/ceilings and they really should resize some placeables so that they fit more neatly I’m tired of large placeables being crooked and feeling the need to detroy them and rebuild them because I couldn’t get the placement right.


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