Shrines, vaults, limited building

I think vaults and shrines should be limited only one per person. Gods are not only broken AF but people keep building them to glitch and lag the server. Also making 20 avatars to attack a base makes this particular game mechanic game breaking. You spend days making your base look nice and then bunch of a-holes with glitched underground bases spam 9999999 avatars and there is nothing you can do.

There can only be one avatar at a time

Tested this personally with my wife. On official and private. We wanted to good off and have an avatar war to see which God would win. You can’t summon an avatar if an a avatar is already present.

I did not mean avatar…I meant shrine…shrines have tons of HP griefers use it to block respawns etc etc… And I think using large variety of siege weapons would suit the conan atmosphere much better than one avatar to ruin hours of work :/. Avatars should be removed completely imo

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