Shutdown time tomorrow


I’ve asked twice on Twitter over the last two days without getting any replies. So I’m trying here as well: At what time tomorrow will the Saga server close? Good to know, in order to complete some last minute activities that can only be done during this event… (asking for a friend, of course).


Sorry about that; I would have been the one to handle that. My understanding is that the servers will actually go down for a patch + the merge on the morning of the 16th (Probably around 9:00 AM EDT), so you’ll be able to play through the 15th.


More accurate info would be greatly appreciated.
Specially since the time frame you mention would give 1 more day AFTER RAID RESET to finish SAGA-quest :astonished:


Hey you and me both :slight_smile: The current plan is to have the patch downtime + merge 9:00 AM EDT on May 16th, and we’ll put out official notices as soon as the patch is ready. But right now you can go ahead and plan around being able to play through May 15th.


Do you have any estimate of the downtime? I think I read somewhere that it’s expected to be quite long.


Probably longer than the usual 2 hours we set for a patch; I would expect 3 or more hours just to make sure the merge goes through properly.


Merges usually take all day and far into the night so make other plans


I dont think it will take a whole day because the last big merge in 2013 was a lot larger and took roughly 5 - 6 hours. Since Sags is probably smaller it wont take that long.


Well, looks like I underballed myself by quite a lot. We’re giving ourselves 8 hours for the merge. Full announcement going out shortly.


Would you mind getting back to this thread once the update is over?


Don’t quote me on this but it will most likely be posted here Saga of Zath Merge: May 16 @ 12:00 UTC / 8:00 AM EDT when the servers are back up.


I’m quoting you on it.

Yes this will be the case :slight_smile: But I can also reply here.


… and on Twitter, of course.