Shutters for windows

similar to doors, but for windows.
Manual interaction, will not close or open themselves. Must be toggled open or closed.
When closed, they negate the shelter gap created by windows.

Could also make larger windows, with shutters.

Windows do not create a shelter gap. That’s a bug. You will find that even if you are 100% sealed in with solid walls, there are still shelter gaps.

Any idea where the cause of the gaps are?

No idea. I’ve bug reported it, though.

I don’t remember that well because I haven’t looked at it in a while, but I believe there is an unused asset in the dev kit that is exactly this. I think it was only for tier 1 though, so maybe something they started on but changed their mind, or are still working on, or saving for a later project, or something. Happens in every game that is developed though, stuff gets created and unused all the time. But unlike other games, Funcom devs gives us access to all of those unused assets to use for our Frankenstein mod creations and get them into the game via mods. Assuming we can get them working right anyways :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I am entirely in favor of window shutters if it means getting bigger windows to go with them.

I want bigger windows is what I’m saying.

Give me bigger windows.


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