Side XP bonus: 0.00%

Wow Omnis you need F00b to bring up Hellcom back with Side XP bonus: 0.00%

[Breaking News] It’s been nearly 1 week that omni side is at 0%. Clans weren’t able to notice any viable sign of life from the omni side (Clans, let the viable sign of intellect’s joke outside. Please it is a serioux topic). If you see 1 omnis around, please report to Mrmuff, the Administrator of “trashtalking the omnis side”, Best regard

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:stuck_out_tongue: game is dieing we all moved on years ago.
gz on your achievement without competitor.

Yet here you are, not moving on… and typing words into a funcom chat box :clown_face:

How did Clan fare during the golden years of AO? Not much better than Neutrals, from what I remember.
When the game is as big of a mess as it is in 2020, your E-Peen feels extra large when Omni is 0%.

I think the early tower wars stuff was pretty balanced for long periods of time.

I do remember Clan having a side bonus of about 28%(?) for a few weeks back in 2009. I loaded up my froob engineer/trader with +exp rings/weps/buffs/imps and the two different free exp coils from the Halloween event and had maybe 128% exp bonus and pushed hard from 196 to get to 200 doing RK missions - this was before we had daily missions.

I can’t speak for RK2 pre merge but on RK1 clan dominated notum wars for the vast majority of time (the main period of omni dominance being 06-09, which could be put down to the SB+OS era).

From 2009 onwards clan have dominated and have had omni at 0.00% side xp a few times.

The “without competition” argument is a poor one as you just need to check the !attacks to see that’s factually wrong.

Gj clan

Friends, romans, countrymen! It matters not what the state of the game is. Fact of the matter is, if this is the end we came out on top, we frikkin nailed it (and you). History nerds in the future will portrait this era to be the great “Clan Pax Romana”. You have to ask yourselves, what will the omni legacy be like? The biggest difference between clan and omni is our perserverance and ability to perform under pressure. We can all retire into other games like champions goin home, knowing that when it came down to it you Omni lads did not have the minerals to do what was needed in order to be competetive. To the monster pvprs on clanside Komodo salutes you (you know full well who you are), thanks for your service and I am proud to have pvp`d beside you. If there is a digital Valhalla we will meet again drinkin beer and resting our feet on the skulls of our fallen enemies. “Drops mike”.

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Rimor (RK2 for you new folks) had omni side XP at 0.00% quite a few times.

I think even omni tried pushing Clan towards that, but to my knowledge they were unable to do so.

Also at the earlier point about side xp%, max is 25%. (just add Neutral + Clan atm)

Actually, I remember when Omni took all the side experience. I don’t remember the exact year, I want to say it was late 2016, or 2017. Not only did clan have 0%, but neuts were also 0% - Omni took it all. It all comes 'round, no great shakes. :slight_smile:

Interesting! Hadn’t realised this ever happened… cool to know!

Who ever actively did NW knows this state of war means a serious amount of dedication in planning, twinking and well executing the war in all aspects, both, individualy and collectively. Often, in AO this can mean months and even years.

So cheers to the winners, well played clan fellows!!!
Enjoy the leveling while you can, we will be back!

We took omni to 25% in early 2016 if I am correct.


Repopulation, u clearly have no idea about pvp,towers and so on.
So what are u actully doing here?
On rk2 from 2005 until server merge, clans always been infront of omnis.
Not by far, but infront.

PS:Just to clear clueless talking from unknowns.

Good job guys, congratulations. Dropping side to 0% side XP requires lots of work no matter of population and suppression.
I can’t confirm that clans were always in front of omnis at rk2 pre-merge. 2008-2010 period when Dark Front / Inner Circle / The Renaissance / The Untouchables were there - we used to win NW battles pretty often, so it’s really hard to say who was in front.
Unfortunately, omnis stopped being a community i always wanted to be a part of, so i can only admire and applause to clans that still manage to work as a community to achieve such results. Way to go!


Damn yea DF/IC/Renaissance/Untouch was a good strike force, noone would deny it. Best/Funniest mass pvp.
Sadly since merge, omnis didn’t manage to be really united, too much ego didn’t help too and people camping on their stubborn opinions.

“Clueless talking” is alluding to the game-killing flaw that this thread painfully points out - pvp is dead.

Is Notum Wars still advertised as a major part of the game? It was the first major expansion. It is the only expansion you still do after finishing your toon. In 2020, it’s no longer competitive. Clan nearly controls every site, and even wins Tara (most of the time).

The be-all end-all of this game is pvp; it always has been. When you finish your toons, you pvp. Apart from helping other players, if you don’t need an item, there is little point in doing anything else.
With pvp being the end goal, and Omni having 0%… is the aforementioned state of Notum Wars (and AO), working as intended?

All you cared about was disputing my recollection of how Clan fared in the past (REEEE!!!); albeit a snide one, admittedly.

Had many good times a mass pvp, usually, 0% involved zero life. Tasted much success on Rk2 with the fam over the decade played.

Side xp results, as glorious as it was for the victor, was nothing more than a compensate for the small epeen they had to endure RL with.

AS/FA Swapping love to you all.

I’ve been here since 2001 and it was pretty much 50/50 with a lot of back and forth until SL, when omni took advantage of resetting omni NM shadowbreed by zoning and abusing that 1k reflect affecting all towers and omni sided players in range in NW until they managed to get to 40%.
Once that exploit was nerfed omni took a pretty huge beating until a group of players changed sides out of boredom.
And it’s been back and forth ever since, there are a core of very skilled players that frequently change sides when they get bored of winning and just want to fight to a victory again, side doesn’t matter to them much.
Boxers still stir up the mix and despite calls from all sides of the conflict they have never effectively been removed.
I don’t think you actually remember things as you say you do at all, but hey have fun with that.


If some people still enjoy PVP in AO, can’t throw them stone, been there too.
But it became beating a dead horse, which is indeed never nice to hear for the rider.
It had so few meaning since so long that various real good reasons counting got lost.

Honorable mentions ? Too much unbalance even after rebalance. Too much inner-side betrayals, before and post merge. Too much back & forth decisions from potentiel GM arbitratery. Too much early & late sploiting no matter if we count mbox or out. Etc, etc.

Could add more but Caloss summed it up pretty well already …
Acting for the whole community seemed the only valuable move left.

So /salute to anyone still playing AO, no matter what side/stance :slight_smile:

Nostalgia brought me here after watching on youtube the history and development of MMORPG games. I expected that servers are already closed when RK suffered with low population and almost zero pvp in BS and zero NW as I have seen like 7-8 years ago! I see that forum is still working and history is almost forgotten.

Omni dominance was in 06-09, SB+OS worked “okay” even after modification of OS. The issue rested somehwere else. Speaking for myself and my personal observation, someone who was doing NW regularly.
The issue was in the top largest omni orgs who kept all tl6-tl7 tower fields for many years and they changed their focus from PvP to PvM raids. Their players got already everything. Top equipment, many players, but they did care only about TL7 towers just for the bonuses for their PvM raids. Only small part of people enjoyed NW. I mean truly enjoyed. Majority of omnis never cared about tl1-5 tower fields. They were afraid that by attacking such “not-important” low level fields, clans will attack their tl6-7 towers and they will destroy their “expensive” special towers.
In fact, there were 2 main issues:

  1. This fear about opening tl6-7 field caused that “twinks” for tl1-5 NW had to leave main orgs, losing some kind of bonuses.
  2. Omnis cared only about tl6-7 towers and they ignored tl1-5 NW.

This was great opportunity for clans. For the reason that NW tl6-7 was dominated by omnis (yes SB+OS helped a lot for sure, I am not denying this fact). Clans decided to focus on tl1-5 NW with one aim. To take away from omnis as many fields as possible so many omnis who lacked access to TL6-7 fields will get during NWs a tower flag and at the same time, clan orgs, which were without tower fields, they could join clan NW raid and they could attack omni towers without fear of tower flag for 4? hours.

Only a few omni people saw and realized what is really going on on RK1. Big omni orgs ignored what is going on for very long time. They had tl6-7 towers, who cares about low level NW?
Clans were lucky to have on their side player called Questra. He was one of the main reasons why Omnis started to be baseless at tl1-3 NWs. When clans got many tl1-3 fields, they started with tl5, many omni orgs were already baseless and the final strikes were incoming.
Omnis relied on the SB+OS+Hellcom(zerg). But game mechanic like prediction of “when the tower field goes hot” made it easier to attack tl5-7 fields in different time zone based on the amount of people, who were online. Next day, when omnis wanted to take the field back, many omnis suffered from tower flags and they were hunted/farmed at “spawn points”. They were unable to regroup the main omni zerg unlike clans who were ready to defend and without tower flags. This changed dominance on RK1 a lot. Clans did not do the same mistake like omnis and they carried about tl1-5 tower fields.
If you can keep one side with tower flag, it is even harder to defend or even take tl7 tower field. There was many other things going on of course. But this was IMO the biggest issue on omni side several years ago.

In the end, clans did really great job at all levels, there is no doubt about it. The merge of servers finished omnis IMO for the reason that RK2 supported RK1 with more low level twinks (DI) and outnumbered tl1-3 omnis even more. Such lack of interest on omni side about NW (even when they lost tl5-7 fields) caused also demotivation on the side of omnis, who did low level NW and even enjoyed it. After a while, PvMers stayed, they didn’t need to have fun in NW or bonuses from towers as much as pvpers. BUT many Pvpers left game and they found other mmorpg games such as Aion or they got married and stopped playing completely. So the competition (for clan) was even lower than ever before. Honestly, I don’t remember that clan would bring omnis to 0.00 exp, when these people were still in the AO. If this happened after 2010, it happened with lower competition (without these people) without doubt. But it doesn’t mean that it was without effort.

p.s. In 2009-2010 Omnis were so passive and without interest about NW that we had to get field, buy CT for baseless omnis and some of them even warp by engi to plant CT on the field for their org…really desperate on omni side.

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