Sieges pre Lvl 80?

Wouldnt it be great to make Sieges available pre level 80?
Maybe with the next Lvl cap increase. Also the requirement for Battlekeep should be a T2 Guildcity instead of T3, T3 takes ages to farm, and i dont think ppl like the horrible grind of materials, most had enough of that s*** with bori…

is that possible?
what do you guys think about that?


Since battlekeeps will be destroyed after server transfers (i guess) why not give free battlekeeps just for fun on the map?


Go by guild ranking give top 8 guilds one allow anyone with t1 keep to declare

Next lvl Cap? Ha I wish! It won’t happen

Nvm didn’t see the SoB tag. Either way, don’t hope for anything from them. The devs are lazy sadly. No real new content and they were stupid enough to release pvp Saga. It’s the worst choice possible!