Sigerd trollbane Taskmaster driver

it has an specialization , its a one skull boss, at riverwatch.

its either a driver taskmaster or a boss, if taskmatster i thin it must be capturable or simply remove the specialization from it.

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He can not be captured. In many of the camps, there are one skull resident bosses that can not be captured, but I don’t remember Sigerd having a one skull on his health bar. He does drop the Trollbane Axe every now and then.

He did have a skull on his HP-bar the first time I encountered him, but I failed to see it on later encounters, maybe because he died too fast.

I think this npc is a Troll :wink: He may show up as a tameable or a 1 skull boss , cause I perfectly remember seing a yellow healthbar when I killed him the first time , and the times I tried to capture him he was a one skull boss …

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