I gave Funcom a fair amount of praise the day the big patch was released. I guess I should have waited.

I had time to dig in and play a bit today only to find out that the stuttering is back (it wasn’t all the way gone, but it was better) on single and multi play and it’s worse now than it was. I can only assume today’s hotfix did something. Who knows…

I also discovered that I hit enemies about 60% of the time now. I entered the admin panel and cloaked so I could attack still targets to see if it was me…it wasn’t. My character misses quite a bit. I haven’t really played enough to know when this one started. Because of the stuttering, I was only checking in when patches were released to see if the stuttering was fixed.

I can now kill boss crocs faster than I can knock out the Black Hand Captain. I broke my steel truncheon before he finally fell. That’s just ridiculous.

That’s all I’m going to say about problems. I guess the game goes back on the shelf till the next patch as usual. I don’t have the patience to play it in this condition. I thought there was some good progress made. Well, there was, but not as much as I thought.

April will mark one year since the official release. I’ve supported this game since early access. I’ll hang out till April to see what happens if another patch comes out and that might be about it for me. No point if I can’t play it. Patience has it’s limits.

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I once broke a steel truncheon while knocking out a dancer.

Of course, it didn’t start at full durability, just as I assume yours didn’t either. Hyperbole is not going to help identify and fix problems.

I’ve been able to knock out several Relic Hunters since the last hotfix, including a couple of T4’s, without breaking (or repairing) my baseball bat in the process. Admittedly, I didn’t try a Black Hand Captain, but since he’s lower level than the good people of Sepermeru, I can only assume that you encountered a weird bug - or you are perhaps exaggerating a little. (The Relic Hunter Captain, though - he/she’s a real hardhead now!)

I did notice that my truncheon doesn’t always connect when I expected it to connect, but nowhere as bad as the 60 % you say. They did change the hitboxes of some weapons so it’s not impossible that something was accidentally changed in the wrong direction - some more investigation is required.

You’re right, of course, that the big patch didn’t fix everything we hoped it would fix - nor everything Funcom hoped it would fix. But I haven’t experienced anything that would really count as a backwards step yet.

Love Tap. That thing beats the tar out of thralls. I have one. My Snowhunter has one. I have slowly started creating my house of 1000 Freya’s.

It also goes right through shields.

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You know what they say happens when you assume.

Hyperbole? I tell it like it is. The truncheon was full strength when I started and broke on the last swing when the BHC fell. That’s exactly what happened.
That was rather arrogant of you. How does arrogance fix anything?

Assuming you had a blunted upgrade on your baseball bat, you had to hit the guy 337 times in order to break the truncheon. 337 times. 450 if you didn’t have the upgrade. My apologies if I sound arrogant but I find that… unlikely. I commend you for scientific, empirical field testing if you really did - most people would’ve given up at some point between 70 and forever.

So yes, I assumed you were exaggerating, and looking around the forums and how people in general describe their concerns, can you really blame me? If the Black Hand Captain relly took 337 hits to go down, it is quite certainly a bug and not something Funcom intended.

Again, my sincere apologies for assuming.

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No problem…

…but you assumed again…lol. :wink: My truncheon had no upgrades or mods on it at all. Just a plain ol’ steel truncheon that broke on the last whack and wasn’t already damaged. Plus, there’s my original point that I can kill a super croc faster than I can knock out a human being.
Yep…I’d say there’s definitely something amiss if that wasn’t an intended tweak on Funcom’s part.

It takes me less than 20 thwaps with a steel truncheon on a Sepermeru captain.

If you aren’t using a blunt fitting on a steel truncheon then do so. I can knock out 3 or 4, t4 thralls without repairing the truncheon

I knew I’d get into trouble for that figure of speech… But as I’m sure you noticed, I did include the alternative in my post this time.

Also, being a scientist myself (well, linguist, but its still science!) I went and tested an unaugmented steel truncheon on a Black Hand Captain. Took 39 hits to knock him out. It’s still more than I’d like, but less than 10 % of the bat’s durability. (Player damage modifier 1.5x, NPC damage taken modifier 1.0, so should take ~60 hits on a 1x - 1x server. It’s a lot, but still less than 450.)

Based on this anecdotal evidence, I’d say you encountered either a bug or a particularly hard-headed pirate.

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Also in the service of Science I took it upon myself to try and recruit BHC in all his glory. He wears 4 pieces of Heavy, throws a mean trident and is oddly wearing cloth sneakers. ?

Character LVL 55, Strength 24
Basic steel truncheon = 28 heavy swings. Durability remaining: 412

ETA: Vanilla Server, could not get any combos on this guy, only shield and heavy plus roll.

I just knocked out Lissa the Longbow in Sepermeru yesterday. I used a Steel Truncheon with advanced blunt fitting. It took a few hits but didn’t even damage a quarter of the Truncheon. Though I did have 40 STR.

Just got her backed in a corner and spammed on her till my stamina ran out. Then did it again and down she went.

I haven’t had too much trouble landing combos on humans. My misses are due to lunge attacks with swords being off the mark (my miss, not shenanigans). Demon Spider Boss is a little tricky, due to the legs not taking damage. But getting to the flank or back makes it easy, even with daggers.

Also confirmed, knocked out the captain on default server settings and the truncheon had the same durability loss reported above. Done without mods of course.

I’ll look at the Crock Boss HP later, but you may be using a mod that reduces its HP pool. Still, I’ll look into the dev kit if I see any unusual numbers.

Performance wise, I ran from the dregs to the two statue whatever they are called things along the river. I had 2 micro stutters in that distance, almost didn’t notice, had to really look for it. Prior to the patch, I also had a lot of stuttering (every few feet) but 2 in that amount of distance is acceptable to me.

Combat seems to be the same as always, most of my misses are associated with myself mistiming or simply missing. I also purposely choose to not use lock on, may or may not be related.

The official release date was May 8th, for what it’s worth.

I’ll get back in, putz with it a little more and try a couple different things…depending on how much it stutters, of course. It starts right in my own base. (I really can’t stand that and it’s prevalent enough to bother my eyes after several minutes) I just don’t get it. The stuttering was better after the early week patch then back and a bit worse after the hotfix.

Crocodile Giant in the dev kit data tables has an HP value of 17145. Not sure if that’s a changed value or not, but a normal Crocodile has an HP value of 215 for comparison.

As previously mentioned, I also had stuttering issues prior to the patch (with noticeable hitching where I would actually freeze for half a second or so). Stuttering still present but drastically improved, no “hitching” that I can detect, even when crossing map chunk borders. PC Specs if it helps (though I admittingly have a monster of a PC, it was the same PC that had stuttering issues too):

64 GB 3200 RAM
2080 TI FTW3
2TB Samsung NVME
Windows 10 Pro

When I ran my test, I also had the dev kit running at the time. One thing that I don’t have is a significant amount of buildings (I have one area with 200 foundations and walls that I use for Purge testing, but that’s about it). The future update that addresses building load times may or may not help your stuttering issues if it’s directly related to your base location.

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