Sigil of the Serpent removes Jhil's Stamina

Pretty straight forward, you can test by equipping the gloves with only that sigil acquired. The buff will fade off after a few seconds.


Well spotted. I will test to re-confirm.


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I can confirm this report. Jhil Stamina from Gloves of Jhil 91335 effect gets cancelled by the poison removal on Sigil of Serpent 100013. The effect is not subsequently reapplied.


HI @wizardlisp, please don’t mark my answer as a solution because we want Funcom to look into it. I just confirmed that your report is correct and provided some more details for Funcom.


My bad, not familiar with this forum yet.

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Welcome @wizardlisp,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We already forwarded your report to our team.
And, thanks for confirming the issue @Narelle :wink:

Please keep sending feedback to help us improve our Lands. :slight_smile:


Sorry for necro but i couldn’t find any recent info about that bug.
Can anyone tell if the bug is stil there or not please?

Thanks and regards

If I remove and re-equip the gloves the stamina affects returns tho.

Idk if this is still an issue. It was reported a year ago and it has been a while since I played IOS but re-equipping your gear every time the sigil clears the buff it is not exactly a solution. If I remember correctly the poison removal is applied every 30s or something like that.


Thank you Narelle, then we can assume it is still a thing.