Sign mini as a team

Why not to return signing as a team for minis(at least 2-3 ppl grp) at least for some time(for a 30 bracket week for example), it would bring more ppl in game for sure,cause it sucks when u can`t play with ur friends

Yes. Signed. It’s an absolute travesty that this isn’t a thing on a “pvp server”

They don’t know how to change it back. The code is too complex. They’ve stated this and it’s a guarantee if they tried to change it they’d break the whole game worse than it is now. Just put this dream out of your mind forever. You’re more likely to win the lottery than ever see this put back the way it was. Funcom is its own worst enemy.


I suppose but disabling the pug queue and leaving only the tournament queue shouldn’t be that hard. They would probably break something though, yes.

Good point why cant they just deactivate the pug sign up and we go with the tournament mode on Saga , Crom and Fury from here going forward , the pug system is a disaster its like the raid finder of pvp. I dont think anyone enjoys the current pug system but for the trolls and hackers…

The problem with the tournament queue is you can’t just sign up like u can with the public queue. You have to have 2 full teams ready to go and you can’t join it once its in progress so if one team is short players theyre stuck. You can run tournament mode anytime you want, just get 11 friends together and youll see how difficult it is to coordinate. Then you’ll know why nobody ever uses it.

Oh right, can’t say ever tried to solo sign up to it or whatever, just used it as it’s intended (and yes it’s not practical to do it all the time). I just assumed it worked the same as the old queue. Well I guess that ideas out then.

You can sign to tourney mode as a group or an individual , just need 12 signed up same as pug minis , if they did away with the pug que totally and you only had the one to sign to it would be exactly the same as we have now first 12 fill it. Just not as random because people would sign as a 6 or a 2 or a 3 whatever.
Even if this wasnt the case its a better option then the raid finder minis we have now, id rather fight 5 v 6 with friends then some of the trolls and people “just doing their dailey” as we have to put up with now.

as far as i know, tournament queue doesnt give u quest(i mean u dont get token) and nobody signs there anyway,so it would be nice if they leave only tourny sign up and make quests work there

and another problem u can`t join while game is running