Signet of Cruel Delight needs re-balancing


you are right, we had our rounds and I know now you are right.

he he is addressing the heal issue, not the sustaintank solution.
If you read his post carefully again you will realise that the word TANK and SUSTAIN is not included


You’re missing my point entirely. I do not care if you or anyone else sprints through the mission kiting all the mobs - in fact, I will probably do that myself, since it’s so boring to do it the proper way. So you can calm down and put your persecution complex back on the shelf, it’s not needed because I’m not trying to stop you enjoying yourself.

The fact remains that it is reasonable to assume that the intended method of completing an action mission, is to fight your way through. That is why it is an action mission and not a sabotage mission. This is clearly a convention of this game’s design: action = fight things, sabotage = avoid things. Given this, saying “this mission is tedious because it takes so long to fight your way through” is a perfectly valid opinion and there’s no need for you to get all weird and defensive about it. :v:


They said they just started playing. Probably don’t yet know why everyone is telling them they don’t want healers, don’t know yet how deep the rot goes. The ‘how cute’ is unnecessary insult to a frustrated new player.


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