Significantly less crashes on my old ps thx 8]

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Performance | Misc]
Region: [u.s.]

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last patch had my giant titty tower crash like top-heavy jenga at least one time an hr, now its much less, thx devs. BUT weird thing… 2 of my recent crashes seemed to affect my modem. i dunno if thats jist a coincidence? but my modem hasent crashed outside of an outage before. i feel like the game couldent do that, but i really wouldent know. anyway, luv this fkn game thx again 8D

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @jistsomeguy, thank you for your feedback, we’re happy to know that the patch helped!

There should be no way that your modem would be affected by the game as you’ve described, we’d advise reaching out to your ISP to diagnose it and determine if there’s any issue.

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