Signpost Fatal Error

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Crash/New Bug
Server type PvE-Conflict
Region: Los Angeles, California

Upon entering text on Vanilla Signposts, Our players are getting fatal error’d. When the players try to log back in, they fatal error again before even getting past the loading screens and are unable to join the server. Any player coming close to the area with the sign also fatal errors and gets the same issue when trying to load back in.
The only way we found to solve it is destroying all of the clans buildings. Once the admin command is ran, all players effected can join again immediately.

  1. Place Signpost
  2. Edit Sign Text
  3. Fatal error
    Unable to upload a picture of the error code due to being a “new user”.

Have you tried testing without any mods installed on a test save in single player?

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