Silent Legion DLC

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So far, we have about every type of DLC. I would really like to see a DLC intended for Evil players :wink:

Silent legion walls, weapons, items and so on…


PvP’ers you mean? Sorry couldn’t resist.

Arguably, Black Ice is the “Silent Legion” building set though.


Are silent legion even bad people?

They were the army of Tyros (giant king&human hybrid) . But because of his love (Telith) he betrayed the Giant kings and sided with humans.
He then killed his father (Priestking) who cursed him and his army to not being able to die and so the army slowly turned into skeletons.
And as skeletons cannot talk -> silent legion.

So they are cursed warriors who sided with the humans… Wouldnt call them “bad guys” for that :smiley:

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

I am always open to more evil. There can never be enough!
It is a bit lacking in Conan Exiles. Don’t get me wrong the stuff we have are absolutely awesome and done very well but the dark ominous and evil stuff like the Silent legion gear are spread thin.

I want MOAR!

Well to be fair, I kind of get the impression that the humans he sided with weren’t exactly the nicest people, either. (I mean their Witch Queen does use Razma as a meat puppet.) Kind of an “evil vs. slightly-less-evil” scenario.

That’s what I thought we were getting with the Acheron DLC listed in the season pass, but alas, that turned out to be the Debaucheries of Derketo. Not that I don’t like that set, with its emotes and casual outfits and placeables it’s actually one of my favorite DLCs so far, but an Acheronian-themed DLC sounded really interesting.


I still think that might come in year 3. But obviously we know nothing yet about what that will entail (I do think it was confirmed somewhere that one more year of DLC - at least - was coming).


Lets hope content will come next year… Like the final dungeon and/or the Mummy.

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