Silent Legion nerfed way too much

Just the stat nerf or the armor nerf would have been enough, but with both now there’s barely any reason to use it anymore at all, when all the rest of your heavy armor sets are the same armor value or better and actually give you a concentrated stat you can max. Aside from cosmetic reasons and maybe rare temperature cases, I would see no reason to build with Silent Legion vs an armor piece that gives more armor and the same stat bonus. So basically it went from the coolest looking and most useful armor set in the game to the most useless. Surely there must be a golden middle.


Yeah, they should keep all these kind of special heavy armor sets at the same armor value and same stat value. The only variance from one armor to another should be in look and which stats they boost, not the values ( So one set might be for strength / another for vitality / etc )


I haven’t managed to get the Silent Legion armour yet but have fought some players that do and have found I cannot even harm them in combat compared to other players wearing the other armour types.

I would prefer if all the armour sets, or at least most, did have similar stats as I must be honest I am so fed up seeing everyone running around in Legion armour.
I love the reptile armour and would love the ability to craft it to be as good as the Silent Legion armour.

/Agreed standardize armor value and stat value, but allow variance in what the stats boost. Or possibly even better, you could allow people to customize the stats that their armor boosts to fit their game play style. This would allow all armors of a specific weight class to compete and be viable and versatile.

Okay, so i have a lot to say on this topic and not enough time. This is the short version.

The balance they did was needed and i agree on the stats being set at 2. I also think that the Silent Legion armor is a set that can be mix with other sets to get more armor and look awesome :smiley:

When looking at the Silent Legion armor it still give more armor on most of it parts and you can get some cool armor in this game to make a great mixed set :wink:

I think it’s impotent that they stay away form giving set bonuses… and keep giving us armors you can mix after what you want. This makes people look different and gives you an idea of there setup just by looking at them :hugs:

It is still a cool looking armor and gives you good armor rating, i do not believe that it is in anyway useless :yum: I also think that having to use star metal for repair it is a good thing, that way if you lose it not anyone can just repair and use it :smiley:

Regarding temperature help, Silent Legion armor gives you strong resistance against heat :sunglasses: That means that you can use the stats you would normal use to survive heat for something else, so in all this is a great heavy armor for the dessert and i don’t think you should brush that off as nothing…


nerfes to oblivion for use in the highlands or north. maybe carry it fo the vulcano but other than that… my favorite armor is gone now.

whelp so which armorset are we gonna f**kup and nerf to oblivion now?

is it gonna be lets see

ymirs aegis? or reptillian armor, or hyperborean slaver armor?

I do not believe that many more armor nerf will happen in the future, so close your waterfalls :rofl:

There might be some changes to Medium and Light armor but not to the Heavy armors.

oh, i nearly forgot. There are still some armors that are currently not in the game but that where there in the alpha. Those might get balanced and i remember at least one of them being a heavy armor… I think it had something sick like 5 to each stat or something like that…

what grinds my gear tho, is that silent legion is EARNED. it is supposed to be powerful since its not something you can just make. Stuff that you have to work for should by default be better than stuff just unlocked by spending a perk point.

or for example an armor set that requires crazy amoums of materials. that get their power from the sheer amount of work required. for example an armor set that requires idk 50 “black ice composite” and lets make one black ice composite be made from 10hardened steel bars and 50 black ice.

that way there is a lot of work required to get and maintain that armor. so it should be respectfully more powerful than the base sets. nothing wrong with powerful armor that has a downside of expensive maintenance. sure everyone can run around in it. but they sure as hell arent able to maintain it in a good enough state for some serious pvp.

The Silent Legion armor has better armor rating and better heat protection. It’s not that hard to get and to be honest i don’t find it that expensive either :sweat_smile:

It is actually harder to get some of the other armors :exploding_head: If you want the same amounts of stats. You have to get a name thrall to get the flawless armor that is the same grade as the Silent Legion armor and they still have worse heat protection.

The Silent Legion armor also has slightly more armor rating. I think a normal high grade armor gives you about 752 ac and the Silent Legion gives you a little more then 806 ac. That might not sound like much but it still helps.

I would also say that you still EARN this armors and it can be quite hard to get the named thralls when people are also doing pvp and you have to be lucky with spawns :smiley:

I’m glad its nerfedr and earned is an understatement You run past boss hit tablet and you get it. Now if it still had all the traps and would take 5 to 10 ppl to kill him then yeah I could see it. I’m also one that thinks world bosses should take up to 3 to 4 hrs to kill and all of them should have an attack that one shots you. Legendary weapons is in its name legendary. Not everyone and all 400 of my thrallss should be using them.

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OR. disable the tablet untill the boss is dead or give the tablet an inventory which requires an item dropped by the boss. as long as said item is present the tablet is active. (or consume the item otherwise clans can just kill the boss once then give new members the recipe)

I like it but its still way to easy when I think of survival I think every step could mean death and in a pve aspect I can solo everything. Now the hardest part that I can think of is actual players (PvP server) but since it has died there is nothing to fear. Also with this most of it now is just building and watching, but this can get old. How am I supposed to see if my designs are truly good if nothing attacks.

Did silent legion armour not require a kinscourge heart in the past? I cant remember.

I actualy like this idea a lot. A Kingscourge Heart should be needed to craft each piece (but not for repair). That would limit the ridiculous number of legion armor in the game and would require enough grinding to justify the stats.
Sadly, the harm is done on most servers.

Requiring the boss death is not that big deal. People can easly solo it in a farming build on 50s or even earlier.

For a gear that is somehow “needed” for its utility in volcano it can’t be too hard to get and cant be too good for its easiness . So i find it is in the right mid place now. Armors that requires lvl 4 thralls should be better than it as the effort to get and the rarity of those is higher and still they are more expensive to produce.

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I think you are blaming getting owned on just the armor and nothing else. Someone wearing SL armor is much more likely to be specced for PVP.

Light armor should give significantly more stats. Like 20. To be less useless.

The Silent Legion nerf was much needed. It now brings that armor in line with other heavy armors and still has the advantage of being the only thing you can use in the volcano. Regardless of the way it was obtained, part of the glory of this game is the balance of weapons, armors and combat.

I can notice a large difference on my rolls between medium and light armor, or even heavy armor with the 40 agility perk. The amount of time you are invulnerable and the distance you roll is quite useful and each armor has its perks. Unless I’m hunting thralls and want to be able to take an arrow to the knee, I wear medium or light armor so that I can get out of the boss’ aoe range at a moments notice.