Silent Legion Suggestion

Silent Legion Suggestion
The problem with Silent Legion armor is that it is easily the best armor in the game for stat distribution. +3 to all combat stats is incomparable to even Elete Flawless armor which provides +2. The armor needs a heavy nerf to reduce homogenization in how people arm and gear themselves. Nerfing it down to +2 to each stat would allow it to be comparable to Elite Flawless armor, which is quite hard to get the Named Thralls to spawn on some servers. Since the armor is also compatible now after a nerf to Silent Legion it would only make sense that each piece require one heart from the dungeon boss so that people cannot simply run into the dungeon, grab the recipe then never return and craft hundreds of sets. It would create value in the armor sets. Also having a Light and Medium Variant would be nice but not necessary. If all of these points are met i believe it would greatly balance out the gear distribution and de-homogenize it. As it is now the Silent Legion armor is the Best Armor available no matter the build ingame and is easy to attain and craft. The boss is not challenging either as members of our clan solo it regularly to make the Telith Weapons. Thank you for your consideration.


I would like to add that as the Devs said before launch, All heavy armors should be equivalent defense ratings. Right now Silent Legion has more or same defense as flawless. I was using exceptional Stygian Soldier armor, but quit using it because of Silent Legion having 100 more defense… far too much in my opinion. With how easy it is to get Silent Legion, it shouldn’t be any better than the exceptional versions of other epic heavy armors.

Telith’s Sorrow (2h sword) goes the same route. It is easily the best sword in the game, having better stats than even the best legendary. Since it requires a run through the dungeon and killing the boss to make it, I could understand it being like the lower end legendaries (like the Watchblade), but it currently is far too strong. The Black Keep boss is far easier than any world boss, and thus makes the crafting mats easier to obtain than legendary keys.

Please Funcom, balance the armors and weapons. Right now everyone runs around in Silent Legion wielding his 2h sword for PVP. We want options…