Silly/geeky question : steam 3.0 image - Orc

Hello fellow conan geeks out there.

This question is silly but am really curies about the answer =)
Hope someone knows the answer.

On the steam conan exiles banner image there is a jumping orc:ich character. but from my knowlage there is nothing simular character/monster/modded feature out there that has something even close to that. or ?
i know using fashonist and some other nice mods you can create something simular. but hairy body i never seen. same with the size of the tusks, havent seen that anywhere ether.


Hope someone can share some light on this =)

I’d assumed it’s a drawing of one of the varieties of demons summoned with Abyssal Call; though perhaps it is a chimera of a few features spread across the varieties in-game. The source material for them seems to be (to me at least) the demon that Thoth-Amon summons in The Phoenix on The Sword which is described as vaguely baboon like. It is this variety that in-game has pronounced tusks.

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