Silver and Gold easy mode (eventually)



Makes sense. I mean I’m not a big fan of farming either, but if I need a large amount of gold coins, silver dust, and gold dust to start up and I don’t even have a guarantee of getting what I want, isn’t that the same?

I found the chests in the video. The crocodile was really tanky but not too hard. His turning speed surprised me a little and he does a good amount of damage though.

I leveled too which was nice.:slightly_smiling_face:


Well done. I actually use poison arrows on him from a pedestal.

I do have more patience than reaction speed, and usually run that nekkid :slight_smile:


I’m not there yet, @sirvink, just opened up that spawn point through the cave. That was thrill enough for me !


I will say this: I died a LOT in the volcano. Treat it like… well, like a volcano and you will live longer


I look forward to it !


I was more successful on my second try. I got 10 rocknose eggs and split them evenly between gold and silver dust in separate pens. I got 8 normal rocknoses but 2 silvervein. I’m going to pay another visit to the den tomorrow.:slightly_smiling_face:


@sirvink, I assume you mean she released them into the world, not just transferring them to her inventory?

I move adult pets from one pen to another as long as I don’t hotbar and ‘place’ them.

Was there any other drawback? She replaced the released rocknose, yes?


(Edit: Requires Item Stacking mods)

The method I am talking about is to load up 50 babies in 5 stacks of 10. You have 5 slots in the pen for adding animals. If they are grown, you can only add 5. As babies, they stack up to 10 in a stack. So, with 5 stacks of 10, you can grow 50 adults. Once you remove them, you can only return 5 adults to the pen.

So, to get the absolute most from your farm, raise 50 at one time. You can’t do a stack at a time either. Has to be all at once. Put in 50 babies and then load your food. Food can be added over time if you don’t have 50 shadespiced dust meals at the start, but the important thing is getting 50 babies in at once.

This is all if you want to get the absolute max running in one pen. If space for lots of pens isn’t an issue, then load a few at a time and move on to the next as they fill up.

I am getting roughly 150 silver and gold a day now, plus about 3000 iron (2 pens combined). Just add rocks for food :slight_smile:


This is my run. 10 minutes about, no lava. Port in, run the way down, port out.
100-120 gold ore and some demon blood.


I can’t get pebblenose babies to stack. Are you running mods?


Same. They never stack for me.


Unless i’am mistaken, the rocknoses in the pen decay in 7 days right ?


If they’re in the slots in the pen, I don’t think they decay at all, but outside of it, yeah they do.


Pebblenose may very well be different, but I often store baby hyenas in a metal crate on the ‘porch’ of the pen for at least a week with no decay or death.

I cull normal hyenas out, insert the babies and put in 1 piece of feral flesh. The culled adult hyenas now go to my ‘killing pit’ where they suffer the agonizing death of two poison arrows :crying_cat_face:

I have never tried to stack babies in a pen, but certainly will now !


@Chaonike, I stored your route for future reference, thank you.

Do you have a volcano residence? I did not see one marked on the map. I do see your maproom.


It still was the case in october, but if it was changed since then…


Oh Dang! Wow. What a dunce I am. I have become so used to my mods that I forget what is official and what is just on my server.

I apologize for that mistake. I have a stacking mod, because small stacks of things seem so pointless to me. What is the difference between carrying 10 stacks of 100 stone or 1 stack of 1000 stone? It weighs the same and your inventory is so much more manageable. All containers are so much more functional. I can’t imagine playing on a server where I need to make giant warehouses of crates, just to store my basic supplies for the next base build.


Also, the default decay and hunger systems in the official game are horrendous. Purely designed to clear out the number of items the server must track. No valid benefit to the players enjoyment of the game.

One sandbox I play on was pretty aggressive about decay. Over the years, as the number of new players has trickled off to nothing and the old players have started drifting away, they throttled back on decay dramatically, helping to keep all the old players around much longer.


I agree with you on the decay rates. On my SMP I have the decay at about 30% longer so I don’t have to worry about my food spoiling so fast.

Just got another 7 so hopefully I get some goldnoses this time.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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