Silver Horde PVE 2.5x XP possible purge thralls with out the purge

“hot water, good dentishtry and shoft lavatory paper” - Cohen

Welcome to the Horde!

We just launched the end of last week.

We are a small group with a server size of 10. We are looking to add more to the server. The admins play everyday, meaning they are accessible to answer your questions or complaints. We enjoy group based activities, whether that is building together or killing together. But also encourage solo exploration if that is what you like.

There is talk of the possibility of access to capturing the infamous purge thralls throughout the world on a weekly basis ( as one of the admins does not believe the purge system works as it should). If implemented it would be a random day of the week plus one day of the weekend. The announcement will be made via forum or in game message. When decide and if it is agreed upon it will announced on here as we do not have a steam group set up yet.

Direct connect:


Expect some fun this weekend.

Come and hunt with the Silver Horde as we work on trying to find some legendaries and possible some purge thralls.

Hello! A friend and I are looking for a server to join and your server seems to fit the bill for the most part! Just a few questions for clarification:

  1. Are there server wipes?
  2. What is your building decay timer like?
  3. Your server is fairly new; how far ahead has the server been paid up to, or how long do you plan on hosting the server?
  4. Are items retained upon death or dropped? (if dropped, who can loot your body?)
  5. Do you guys have a server discord/website? (besides the forums here)
  6. Which continent or country is the server located?

Thank you in advance, and my apologies for the list of questions!

Hello again Squashbee,

To answer your questions:
1: Not planned
2: It is set to the default
3: Next 2 months are paid with plans to continue after that
4: Dropped, open corpses. Not a huge issue due to low server pop though.
and lack of PVP
5: Not at the moment but we will be in the future with an increase in players. There is also a discussion page
on steam under discussion - community servers.

It was nice meeting you on the server. I hope we get to see and your friend join soon. Also make note that we have gotten rid of Fashionist and Pick up +.
Fashionist was known to cause lag issues so we choose to get rid of that one.

Come on over and enjoy a thrall hunt or two. Want a T4 purge thrall well come hunt one down.
Possibility of finding flawless armor in hidden chests.

We are no longer running mods.

You know you want to catch a infamous thrall through out hinted quests.