Silver mine load-in, player-constructed trap

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Greetings, Exiles.

On an official server, I attempted to enter the Silver Mine content (directly under The Jawbone). When I loaded into the Silver Mine cave, I found myself trapped in a player-built structure.

Is this working as intended? I understand that sometimes players will block obelisks on official servers. However, building inside the Silver Mine seems to be not-intended, and obstructs a significant amount of content. There is no way to identify the hazard from the outside, before you spawn in.

It is outside of raid hours. So it seems that there is little that I can do to work my way out of this trap. Except to just wait. I welcome recommendations.

Thank you,


Nope, the location was hotfixed today. You can submit a report to Funcom to clean it up:


Thank you. Submitted. Any idea if they will be able to perform a rescue as well? :smiley:

I wouldn’t count on that :eyes:

What server is this? I’m kind of curious what this looks like.

It has already been largely removed.

I think there must have been a hotfix to rewrite the no build zone. Because we couldn’t set bomb jars down. It had to be dismantled with explosive arrows and gas arrows. Which is also frustrating. You should always be able to place a bomb jar. Even if you aren’t supposed to put down foundations. :confused:

Imagine T1 sandstone right at the “load-in” area, in several different “cells.” When you load in, you load into 1 of about 4-6 different fixed spots. These were all sealed off, in 1x1 cells, with one that was a 1x3. Just doors so that the owner could navigate in and out. Further inside the cave there was a T1 umbilical cord to an area with furnaces and crafting benches.

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