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Hello friends,
I hope someone can help me. On our server we can now learn Eldritch professions. I have decided to use the Skinweaver. I need now larger quantities Silverite Thread. To make it I need Argossean Dream Dust. I know you can get this in the Buccaneer Bay as Loot. Is there any way I can craft the Dust?
Unfortunately, I can not find any information on the subject.

You probably can’t find any information because none of that is a thing. Check your mods.

So is a mod absolutely necessary to be able to produce the dust? The Eldritch professions are also a mod. The mod will provide for the production of the Dust. I was hoping someone who uses the Eldritch mod can tell me how I can now make the Dust.

Argossean Dream Dust exists in the game, it’s dropped by Black Hand Pirates (jungle version) but is not craftable - unless one of the mods used on that server adds a crafting recipe.


It is the DungeonMasterTools mod, and it is discontinued, causes problems such as thralls from that mod refuse to follow.
here are some info, but nothing more: Skinweaver I Profession in DungeonMaster Tools | World Anvil

Thank you. This has helped me.

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