Silvermine getting emptier

Game mode: [Enter game mode here: Online official
Type of issue: Bug - Silvermine is getting emptier
Server type:PvE Official Server #1502
Region: US East

After the last two big launches (Debaucheries of Derketo and Riders of Hyboria) the Silvermine is losing its spawns. There are no more scorpions at the entrance and the ones deeper in are now fewer. Also all resource spawns (rock, coal, silver, etc) are considerably less. Over half of these items do not spawn anymore.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Log in to the game
2.Run to the Silvermine
3.Zone in to the Silvermine
4.Notice spawns getting progressively smaller and non-existent

Check outside and above the Silver mine. Player structures above can cause things inside the silver mine to stop spawning.


Ok I will check. I thought all instances were up north.

Nothing. I checked other servers and it was spawning as usual. This one not so much

We had the same problem, Soulstis, and came to find out that a wheel of pain defines a landclaim that was not bounded vertically, so it stopped all spawns ‘beneath’ it, which included the silvermine. Maps do not appear to act the same. This was an unofficial private dedicated server/

This particular cave is not a dungeon and does not ‘exist’ outside the boundaries of the game, but in the wide vicinity between the entrance and Sepermeru. As a friend once relayed to me, virtually all were caused by landclaims.

Please recheck all surrounding areas for structures and let us know.

Good luck :slight_smile:



Thank @Jim1. I will. I checked on top of where the entrance is and you have to climb. The only buildings I see are the same ones that have been there the whole time. It seems it got a little worse after the first DLC content listed, and then horrible after the second.

Yeah, those are the most likely culprits. We have a similar situation on 1823.

Soulstis, I thought the same and climbed that very mountain, seeing nothing. The fact is, that the underground portion extends almost all the way to Sepermeru (the closest point) and is under the area to the west of where the Black Rhino spawns, desert. You may want to clear those areas also. You may have to leave the area for the landclaim to poof.

Eliminating an effective landclaim brings an almost immediate respawn. A non-clan member can determine the edges by trying to place a follower on guard; a clan member can determine the edges by trying to place a Battle Standard, with the opposite result.

Good hunting and Merry Christmas!



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After a LOT of work Larathiel mapped the area. I ran around and found the culprit. He will post shortly with his awesome work and findings!

So while on voice with @Soulstis today, we did some trouble-shooting of the Silver Mine. I loaded up in single-player with admin mode and used Ghost to fly up and down between where the dungeon actually is (it’s close to the in-world entrance, but not exact) and add markers to plot out its shape. In this way, we can see where it actually lies below the map. Here’s what I found:

As you can see, the dungeon lays beneath a huge area south-east of Sepermeru, and it’s quite common to see bases in this area.

@Hugo, @Ignasi We really need for dungeon spawns to be exempted from the infinite column of landclaim that’s caused by building in the legal game world.


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