Simple bugs 28.04.18

  1. Gase grenates don’t work
  2. if u seat at chair - u can’t stay again - need rejoin
  3. sicles - big damage to npc’s
  4. head of relic hunters in russian description gives agility, but in fact gives survival
  5. Ymir’s ruffled hatchet don’t gain shards from trees and gain shards from corpses
  6. Player DRAGON (802 server) know’s how raid with bug’s, but not reporting about it and don’t say it to me for this report.
  7. until the patch on April 28, in the dungeon with the snake, the water rose and fell constantly, and not by using the buttons, as it was intended, but the idea is simply gorgeous and atmospheric. check today - I will describe
    thanks for works, and sry for bad english

This is working as intended.

all the previous patches worked with trees, so I thought …

It was changed on Testlive prior to the appearance of “can’t harvest corpses” bug. It’s to bring it in line with Mitra, Set, Ymir, and Derketo.