Simple guide to leyshrine and summoning thralls?

Hi all.
Does anyone have a simple guide (video or written) that explains step by step how to use lesser ??? Etc to summon thralls.
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You can find out more information about summoning a surge on the wiki, or there is a written guide here, and a video here.

Good luck!


Literally my hero. Thanks so much


Just as a heads up for after you’ve successfully summoned and beaten a surge…

Aesir Warriors, Warriors of Jhebbal Sag and Colvric the Blade are all combo bugged ATM and aren’t worth setting out/leveling up. There may be other named that are also bugged but these are the only ones I’m aware of.

Since I’m on the subject T3 Aesir Fighters and T3 Yoggite Fighters gain far more hps per vitality than their T4 counterparts do. Surely this isn’t intended but for now at least the T3 Aesir Fighters are very decent thralls as they aren’t combo bugged like the warriors.

There may be other thralls with same issue but these are the only ones I’ve actually tested.

Just so there’s no misunderstanding Aesir Berserkers are apex predators and not combo bugged. Those you want very much.


Think I’m a way from summoning a surge (do you basically summon, then knock out and wheel of pain them?) But I’ll come back to your post when I reach that stage. Many many thanks

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Yep, knock them out and wheel of pain just like any other thralls. Be aware some of the surge thralls cannot be knocked out/captured and just have to be killed.

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Is there a way of telling?
Also, as you seem super helpful, I have some statuettes to the grey pool.or something … What’s the easiest one to do first?

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Nothing that’s consistent across different surges. For some even the names are the same but one can be knocked out and the other can’t. Just have to trial and error it until you learn.

For pools I’d say avoid krllyandian, lloigors and blood moon beast until you and you thrall are pretty stout. Though Lloigors aren’t too bad as long as you avoid the flame breath from the blue one.

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You’re a star. Thank you so much. One more question:
At the surge do you arm yourself to kill and have a thrall do the truncheon or both on truncheons?

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Depends on the lvl of surge you summon and the quality of your thrall.
For starters if your thrall is low level and not a berserker summon a simple surge to get the idea.
I believe the best strategy is you to be the fighter, your thrall a tank with a truncheon and shield why not if it’s low level. Make sure that your thrall will have a lot of gruel and if you can fix some healing arrows it would be great for your thralls survival.
But again if your thrall is berserker and more just a vitality armor and a truncheon will do.
Before you start summoning high level surges make sure you hitted lvl 60 and your thrall wears full epic armor.
If you are not lvl 60 don’t take the risk to summon more than lvl 3 surge. Sometimes in order to have them all we loose a lot. I’ve fall to this trap a lot of times in the past.
If you are less than 60 you have ways to obtain epic pieces of armor.
One is to raid accursed small bases, they drop a lot of pieces.
Two, if you have the gravedigger some accursed camps on broken shrines provide you the black knight armor pieces.
So in any case, try to focus a bit farming accursed camps, gain a berserker and the world is all yours.

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Such awesome.detail…i really appreciate it…I’ll Google accursed bases and get me a berserker

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Yeah, highly recommend doing lower tier surges until you get a feel for it. Tier 4 can be pretty rough.

Surges are much easier with help but I usually end doing them alone with the following method:

I generally park 2 to 4 thralls with truncheons near the leyshrine, but not too near or they’ll end up rushing the pads, by having them follow me there then take them off follow. You can’t actually place them there just like you can’t build near it. Since they’ll be scouting you can’t leave the area for more than 10 minutes or they return home.

Then I have one thrall with a normal weapon follow me and set him to Attack Nothing. You can still command him to attack by pointing at a mob and hitting the E key. Once that mob is dead he will immediately stop attacking anything else. Handy to keep him from accidently killing named or single handedly rushing the pads all by himself.

Then I pull each pad using proximity and line of sight to try and keep pulls small. Not always possible so if I get a lot I run them to the thralls with truncheons. While they can’t kill anything they keep them occupied while I and my follower thrall whittle them down plus they’ll knock out any named that were in the mix.

Camp Coup De Graces for the truncheon thralls and you won’t even have to clean up all the knocked out low tier thralls that you don’t want $


That sounds like an awesome plan! Such detail and I really appreciate your time. Thanks again.
Ps I didn’t really understand the final paragraph…coup de graces?


While I have nothing useful to add to @Raeil and @stelagel’s already thorough comments, I can help with Coup de Grace -

Essentially it’s a legendary mace/truncheon that kills unconscious thralls that aren’t t4, so you can more quickly clean up and just keep the best thralls. It’s obtained from fighting one specific boss on Siptah the Judge - but it’s not a guaranteed drop, so you may need to do it a few times (though that boss can drop a few decent things, if I recall correctly).

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I’ve leveled 8 Aesir Warriors with two-handed swords and haven’t seen them break combos. I am completely satisfied with this kind of warrior.


It’s been one, maybe two months since I last checked them. Tried about a dozen of them and none would do more than two combo steps regardless of what weapon they had or started with. Two hits then stop and start over.

Got lots of them collecting dust in a chest. I’ll set out a new one and see what happens.

Tried both an Aesir Warrior and a Warrior of Jhebbal Sag today with the same results. Both obtained in the last few weeks and set out today just to test. With either two hand sword or two hand hammer, all I tried today, they do two combo steps then stop and start over.

It’s been an ongoing thing for quite awhile now that several people have reported. They’d be really good thralls if this were fixed.

Maybe reinstall the game and/or use the Steam feature of verifying the files. Like @Teng, mine do fine too. -=shrug=-

Done all those things and replaced my entire computer a few months ago.

On an official server? I’d make a character there just to see an Aesir Warrior do a full combo with a two hand sword.

Edit: there’s been a number of threads on this issue. This was the first in the list when searched.

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