Simple QoL Suggestion (Visible Thralls When Placing Stations)

When placing a crafting station, or station that can have a thrall equipped, make it so you can see where the thrall will stand. Make the option in the settings, so people who don’t care can just place their stations. This would help check if the thrall is part way in the floor, or floating; I almost always replace stations that have thralls floating or part way into the floor. It would also help knowing which side the cooking stations, alchemy station, and wheels of pain thralls are located before placing. Also have the thralls only visible when placing the station so we don’t have ghost thralls everywhere (talking about that bug, when the game was in early access, that made all placement thralls visible even when there was no thralls).


yeah, that is a great suggestion :wink:

Don’t know if it’s against the rules, but going to reply to my suggestion so it goes to the top :stuck_out_tongue:

If this is against the rules please let me know and I won’t do this again.

Hopefully this feature does get implemented.