Simple Solutions?

I don’t know if some kind of character server transfer adjusted by server settings to a fair exchange rate is possible for this game, though another upcoming game in fact seems to be on track to something very similar to that but one simple fix for many issues would be a server reset for time on purges, decay, and any negative character status effects like thirst if and when servers go offline then come back on. I see servers unreliability in going online or offline as a major obstacle to enjoying the game since it disrupts your normal time online. What if you planned to be on for a whole day because you had obligations fir the next three? If the day you go to log on happened to be the day a server goes offline then that effectively means you couldn’t log on for six days which might be enough time to lose it all through no fault of your own, if it reset then at least you’d be back to the day you would have been on all day.

This lack of reliability and dependability will hinder a number of players but resetting server negative time effects would help a little at least. With some bugs in top of that server issue that contribute such frustration such as inaccessibility to your body’s gear in drop on death, will that not make quite a few players hesitate to commt play time until such issues are fixed? Negative status time server reset is one way that could significantly help address such concerns.