Simple suggestion for cities, obelisks, dungeons, brimstone ... blocking -> an unbuildable path that connect them all

Sorry, I should’ve been clearer. What I’m curious about is how the current no-build areas actually work. This is just my own curiosity, not necessarily something in favor or against the suggestion.

Basically, I was curious to know if a no-build area is implemented by dropping something invisible into the game world and whether that invisible thing can be turned on/off through settings or whether they would have to implement a new kind of “entity” (or whatever it’s properly called in UE4) that would support toggling on and off.

Did I make sense with my question?

Thank you for your indsight , I really don’t think this would temper with pre-existing builds , and if the line is thin enough (1 fundation wide ) with buildings in the process as I seen pre-existing bases survive untill the owner let it decay at the entrance of the warmarker dungeon ,

the pre-existing structure was only a community build to prevent blocking this point of interest but it was there months after the dungeon was added with the only trouble I could really see though is if you get a purge that breaks a hole in said structure , there would effectively be no way to replace said structure piece

but it would give funcom a huge favor to us , and themselves in the long run , since they would not have to police anymore blocade of said dungeons / resources / obelisks / rare spawn( at least not the future ones , only the pre-existing ones ) .

also in a certain way greifing players that blocade other people base would have a harder time since it would only take you to build close enough of said path to not be scared of being walled in

My main idea behind this is only that if they implement it now , of course they will face a bit of backlash due to it , but it the long run I genuinely think that this will prevent the most toxic behaviours and save them time to solve other issues !

Bingo. Invisible boxes and cylinders connected to code.They are all over the map.

Turning them off? I dunno, maybe. Bypassing them? Yes, as I said, this is what LBPR does, and what I assume the existing admin setting does.

That would take high hundreds, to thousands of said boxes. I don’t know what kind of performance impact (probably not a lot, but would start to add up in a hurry when there are thousands added), but the workload alone isn’t feasible in my mind.

And we’re going to have to agree to disagree. I do not think it’s viable to let hundreds of existing structures be lost because they can no longer build in that specific spot. People would riot here, they did when Warmakers was blocked off and only a fraction of the population would be affected. Building is also the main feature I focus my modding on. I see people’s unique builds all the time, and official server people are just as creative (just less tools). My heart would break for those structures lost.

Not feasible, in my mind. Not this late. But it’s not up to me, if Funcom thinks its a viable suggestion, they’ll que it up as appropriate.


I am honestly not sure if this is intended on Singleplayer, or a beneficial bug. When I first posted it in an even older thread I invited the CMs to clarify. However for whatever the reason they did not reply. It is strange that we can build virtually anywhere in some dungeons, nowhere at all in others, and only in certain places in others. Thats not even getting into the Unnamed City and imediately alongside Obelisks side of things.

Although I can see how this may be beneficial, I am very reluctant to take a position on this subject, as it pertains directly to online modes, which I have seldom played. For the time being Im ideologically neutral on this one.


Oooh, crap, I didn’t even think of that during this whole discussion. :man_facepalming:

When they blocked off Warmaker’s, my public map room near the obelisk wasn’t affected. I can’t add anything to it – I checked – and if I tear it down I wouldn’t be able to build it again, but it’s still standing.

At any rate, it’s a moot point, because your previous point was right on the nose. :man_shrugging:

Also, thanks for taking the time to answer all of this :slight_smile:


Can confirm.

On 1590 Official a group had paved over the entirety of Shattered Springs with T3 black ice foundations, and members of that clan had admitted repeatedly in public chat that they had been duplicating God-Coins and explosives.

Funcom removed it within 48 hours of making a report. Just no one had thought to do it before I did

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