Simulated city life

What I really miss in this game is at least some semblance of city life in the settlements I created. I love to build, the game provides great opportunities for the embodiment of architectural fantasies. But all our cities are dead: we can only place guards in them (who do not even hold their weapons in their hands) and dancers (whom we cannot even get to dance the dances we want).

There are several mods that previously made it possible to correct this situation: citylife and Populus, which allowed placing “decorations” in the form of residents, as well as StraysThralls, which allowed setting various emotions to real thralls (they are all in the Steam “workshop”). But, unfortunately, the authors of these mods abandoned them, and Ira no longer works with them.

I do not even expect to see any sane AI in the game that would animate cities and allow tralls to move and behave plausibly within settlements, but I would be incredibly grateful to the developers for introducing the idea of ​​StraysThralls into the game - to make the thrall simulate certain emotions by placing the corresponding tokens in his inventory.


I agree it would be nice to have guards actually standing guard weapons in hand.
It would be nice if you could set them along a path in your city’s walls so they could patrol.
I wanted thrass to go out and gather with the risk of dying in the wild.


Yes same whit crafter thrall that you cant dress proper, all same uggly uniforms. And they need to be able to plse them on more plases.

Well, the artisan clothing problem can be easily solved with the “CharEditLite” mod - like this, for example:

Not that I thought that spawning Tier 4 masters in the game in some kind of ugly rags is right :tired_face: :laughing:. Just a piece of advice for you personally.

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Fashionist also works on changing crafters’ clothes (though CharEditLite also allows changes to skin, hair, body etc) - plus the next edition of Fashionist (currently available in test form) actually incorporates CharEditLite for the full package.

Another mod that can bring life to a base (and is still working for me in singleplayer/exiled lands) is Emotes for Crafters, which allows creation of little placement spots that a crafter can be set in to perform a particular emote (not a huge variety, but enough). (If you opt to use it, bear in mind that the little black ‘pebble’ is the bit you will need to be able to interact with - it has a tendency to disappear under some floor surfaces). (Edit - which is why several of the thralls in this picture have one foot on a crack…)

All of these (apart from the dancer) are crafters


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