'Sin' Death Whirlwind and/or Grave's Blossom


I was wondering if people think that it is worth having both or either of these skills?
If it is generally felt that both would be duplication, which of these two skills is preferable?

Cheers. :smiley:


grave’s blossom, because it is on the way to the better burst ability


For PvE none of them really. You only spec Grave’s Blossom because you have to in order to get Lotus Overdose. Grave’s Blossom is rarely used other than a last hit combo/quick combo. Sacrificing all of your shards for that combo … meh.


Thank you both for your replies and advice.



Definitely worth having both, but, on separate specializations.

Grave’s Blossom - PVE build.
Whirlwind - PVP build.

In general, this works for me, but there are exceptions when I use my pvp spec in pve (helping out at lower levels), or just forget to switch sometimes :blush:


Thank you.