Since my last post was deleted Server 1653, nightly shut downs

Last post was removed by a mod saying one thread is enough. I am updating on the tiems the shut downs happen so that if they every choose to look into it they can verify what people were online at that time.

There is a group that is intentionally crashing server 1653. This is not an issue of in game harassing, but crashing the entire server and forcing it to be unplayable. This has been going on for days. How do we get a devs attention to look at this. If this were just in gmae spam killing that is one thing, we signed up for pvp. this is not that, this is making it so you literally can not log in and play at all. If they are allowing this to happen on 1653, will they also let it happen on your server ?

We should not have to quit the server we have time invested in to play the game we paid for. Not when there is a solution. Funcom has to have access to the server records and they can surely see who is logging in when and when the server is crashing.

How do we go about getting a dev to look into this ?

Is this allowed, can i just go spam every single offical server and crash them ? If not, do something about it.

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It is happening on other servers. In the last few days on 1124 there have been periods in raid time when the server crashes constantly; within a minute of coming back up it crashes again.

This only happens in raid time.

I’ve seen other threads here complaining of the same thing. It’s frustrating and obviously deliberate.

1932 impossible to connect for 3 days…… and no communication from funcom, and Week end coming, what about decay system ?

You will be banned from the forum before they are banned from the game.

I got warned for similar posts. Those I complained about continue to cheat with impunity.

Funcom, Maybe get the oh so zealous forum admins to go on the servers where they could actually do something useful, instead of burying threads like this and warning legit players about forum guidelines.

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