Since new update it says my weight is full even though I have nothing in there just general crafting can no longer do only beginner stage everything else is shaded why is that

Unable to craft even the simplest items at beginner stage I’m way more advanced than that can’t carry any items cuz it says I’m overweight just so frustrating everything is shaded and trying to craft stuff can craft this can’t craft that

Latest patch on PC did a reset of all attributes and feats, maybe the same thing happened on console?


From what I recall seeing on Facebook, I think XBox just got this patch in the last day or so, so that’s probably the case.

When we got the patch on xbox, our attributes and feats were wiped. I assume this was the same across all devices. There was however a warning if we didn’t immediately reset our attributes and feats, they wouldn’t stay set when we died.

Yeah, when we got it on PC, if we set our Attributes but not feats, then Attributes would reset again on death or reconnect. Once we set both, then we were fine again.


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