Since ps4 plus give away locked out of servers

Anyone official care to comment on why i bought the game and all DLC to only be locked out of servers because it’s basically went free on ps4, if you cant log in you lose your gear you spent weeks months and even longer building up? be really nice to play the damn game i paid you for.


I absolutely understand the frustration. With an influx of players trying the game out, some servers will become quite full. What I do suggest in the meantime is find an empty official server or a nice private server. There are many private ones advertised here with really helpful and kind people! Maybe try one of those for the time being. I understand if that isn’t what you want or looking for but we are aware of the increase in people on PS4.

Since you can’t get on, you can’t maintain or protect your things. I’ve been through this a bunch as a PC player and now as a PS4 player too. My suggestion is to enqueue on the server no later than 3:15 pm local time. If you set your character up the previous day, you can be queued and not need to watch it like a hawk. The AFK kick system is working now, so you will get in.

Clean house is what is gonna be happening, with the lag caused by the flux of players and buildings, 2 days buildings everywhere the clans are gonna clean house. Since they are having trouble logging in once they do sweep sweep.

Ok. Here is the issue. It’s not that we want to play the game, you misunderstand we don’t want our structures, pets, and thralls to Decay because we can’t log in,

If you all hadn’t implemented these core game mechanics in the first place we wouldn’t have this problem, some people on here spent more time building in this game than your entire development team put into making it.
And paid money to you guys for this game,

Now these are important game mechanics, however with this in mind, the move that was made giving the game away for free is a travesty,

I invite you to grab a PlayStation and log into a server that isn’t completely full. Now go near a base that is bigger than 3x3 squares with a few pets and thralls, if your game doesn’t crash at this point, it will take half an hour or better to even attempt to feed thrawls or pets,

This is the case on all official PVE and PVE C servers on ps4,

We are losing our progress.

Why are you guys still in business? Good lord.

It’s simple a person who has paid for the game and bought the dlc that pays for the game shouldn’t, be pushed aside for someone who hasn’t done either of those things. That will lose you a lot f customers who actually care about the game. To be told to rent a server or hope you get lucky and find an open slot on another server is ridiculous to say. No one wants to jump from server to server hoping to log in just to start from the beginning every time. That’s absurd.! To me that shows that funcom doesn,t appreciate the business the paying customers have given them for the last year or more. Just like having griefers ad harrassers in game and nothing gets done. They want your money but they don’t want you to enjoy playing the game. Anyone whosays find another server or says it’s there right o harrass or f2p should be able to play before a paying player can join needs to rethink there logic. Free shoudnt get priority over paid players and griefers/ harrassers shouldn’t be told it’s okay to act that way because they have a right to do what they want. We pay to play online and we should be able to play without that behaviour. Bottom line funcom needs to take care of the people who supported them first

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Sorry to reply to this as it will bump it to the top but couldn’t stop laughing for days to reply, anyway thanks for i suppose an official response cracked me up I buy an MMo game and told to find an empty server.

Honestly first class humor I hope!

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