Since the latest patch constant crashes

Since the patch that removed the anniversary content, the constantly crashes my video drivers a guarantee way to cause this is when going in the solo instance of mortal sins tier 25 I believe which you go under the castle in Carpathian Fangs. I am able load into the instance but once I move around the corner and face the center of the room the cashes my video drivers. I currently have the latest nividia drivers and it does not matter what video quality is set at. Low Medium High or Ultra the same crash happens.

Hey there!

Did you attempt this exact mission according to the description you’re making here before the last patch that removed the anniversary event? Just to see if you have a comparison “before / after” while doing the same thing.

I had only done it on my main but that was some time ago, but I have also been having driver crashes in other places. Such as trying to collect the reward from doing the raid. But Mortal Sins 25 is the one place I am able to recreate the problem every time. I am also working my Second Alt up through the story line to test with a different character.

Got my second alt to there and same issue game causes a driver cash in the solo instance of Mortal Sins tier 25

Without seeing any specifics I can only speculate as to what is going on. You may need to try a slightly older driver. We saw this with some Nvidia drivers that were released in May of this year. Sometimes a driver release just isn’t compatible with the game, and temporarily rolling back the drivers on your PC is the only thing you can while you wait for another update.

If you get around to trying this, and the problem remains, then please consider opening a tech support ticket at We’ll be happy to help you with troubleshooting if you do decide to contact us in this way.


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