Since they moved my post..Sorry, a live build is NOT "Fanwork"

Well, since the mod gods here moved my post, it’s received like 4 more views. Probably because it doesn’t belong in Fanwork. This does say General Discussion I didn’t think it would have been inappropriate to share a building design with you here. It’s not really a “Fan Works” as it’s a live in-game build.

To me, fanwork is drawings or fan fiction or something along that line. Sharing a design of the actual in-game items is not a fanwork.

So, if you’d like to see the General Discussion of an in-game live PvP server build here is the link. Check out our map build

If you’d like to join us on our server, visit PS4 Server CST Boosted PvP - Reduced Raid

You should find it refreshing and challenging at the same time. But we’ are always working to tweak the settings to keep people on their toes and always ready for a fight.

Actually, all you have been trying to do is get some people for your PS4 server :slight_smile: So your thread should have been moved to the server ad section if you ask me :slight_smile:

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Pictures of a base are considered a fan work. If you wish to advertise your server, feel free to do so in the proper area.


This looks like a Servers and Recruitment post.

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There you go Dniezby, I gave it a look and a comment (hence a bump) for you. Youre works are good.

In regards to it being moved to Fanworks. Its not all that bad. Most General Discussion threads close automatically after a week with no replies. Whereas based on my own observations, most Fanworks threads remain open permanently (ie-dont auto-close). As such, you can keep coming back to it to add new work over time without creating new threads all the time, and your ‘like’ count will accumulate better and higher, as opposed to several smaller, more obscure threads with ~say half a dozen likes or less.

But that is just how I personally would look at it. You may well view it from a different perspective to myself.


It is. That’s why the “Share Your Shelter” thread is pinned in that category.


Maybe “Fanworks” is a bit misleading title. It could be “Creative Community” or something similar instead.


Exactly! That’s my point. I posted it and people kinda went all -wtf is this? It doesn’t belong here. And then it was gone and moved then I was like why here it’s not fan work and everyone got all butt hurt. These forums are REALLY over sensitive in general and sort of clique. So. I’m not surprised by the general response. A lot of easily hurt feelings here. SMH

Anyway, I like the creative community or even Game Builds but fan work to me is when someone draws up a design for Darketo (Did you see that one Funcrom posted) or cool Conan fan work etc. Even Cosplay or other IRL designs. In-game builds just doesn’t scream “fan work” to me.

But whatever…it is what it is and now I know.

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