Single Player balancing

Agreed. Along with a couple thousand other things.

It’s funny to see each one’s experience. One might be extremly buggy for someone and the other might be ok ish for someone else.
I intentionaly didn’t describe the glitchyness/patterns of the ennemies we are talking about because i didn’t want to spoil “Jsteamid” game experience when i’ll be facing all these ennemies.
i know your intention is not bad because you want to point out sthing about the game mechanics/AI behaviour but still, i’m sure Jseamid would have probably had a different approach when taking on these ennemies, and would have had more fun finding out the right patterns and the most appropriate equipement to bring down his new opponents.
But again, no worry Ex, i know you’re only here to help and share :smiley:

No worries, I found myself another similar glitch lol. I found a big elephant and it killed my exile, then I search on youtube how-to-kill-it and I found this. Basically, we just trap the boss/monster in a palisade walls and it will get hurt/stuck by the spikes.

Also I just realize that wandering aimlessly to faraway places might get my exile killed and getting me back the stuffs is time consuming, so I decided to skip the boring part and uncheck the [Drop Equipments on Death], now I can wander around “safely”.

I’ve played a very similar game to Conan which is Ark, while getting back equipments after death is also a pain there, but it’s kinda easier because I can just put bed everywhere for spawn points, but here, we can’t spawn anywhere we put a bed on, we have to choose one spot to update spawn point. The only mobile spawn point is a bedroll which can be handmade with easy mats but also limited to one. it’s kinda not convenient and can just forgot doing that. So I took the easy way disabling drop on death after getting killed by an elephant, because it’s kinda far and dangerous. There was also a tiger, I fled using ctrl rightclick. I don’t usually like cheating but I forgive myself this time and a few other times before LOL.

I think I should get a mod to disable cheat or else I can’t stop using it. It’s always a dilemma when playing Single Player.

Has any of you guys playing single player mode CE ? What’s your own rules ?

My rule is to only use admin in order to “counter” bugs and big issues (like disappearing stuff, underserved death because of invincible ennemies, AI teleporting all over the place and NPCS like grabbing your character while dodging, but personnally i accept death in these cases but could also fully understand why a player would not accept it) and also for convenient purpose like you have a friend visiting your server for a precise objective, don’t let him wait for you because you’re at the other side of the map with no maproom or obelisks are too far away.
other than that, what is important is simply to keep in mind that you have to have earned your things to get them.
i agree that handling the admin powers without any form of abuse is not sthing easy (your own principles are your friends here)
but the admin who is telling you he never used the admin is just a liar imo :smiley:

Oh had forgotten admin can comin handy for testing purpose…

Yep. That’s pretty much the only time I ever use it.
Then I delete my save and load a backup.

I think it’s actually easier in Conan Exiles because all creatures are harmless if you don’t fight them. As long as you’re moving, they can’t hit you. But in Ark, they can and will tear you to pieces quick. Here, if you die you can run right through a horde of enemies, loot your body and leave. They can’t stop you.

(I have another video showing what I mean. Enemies stop moving to attack so they’ll always miss if you’re moving.)

As you can see, by the time they actually attack, I’m nowhere near them.
All melee creatures are like this to varying degrees, based on their attack speed.
And the ranged ones, well, archery is so weak that it’s unlikely they’ll even be able to kill a naked player that’s just going to loot their corpse.

Yeah, agreed. For me it’s the same… I open the admin panel just to get around a bug (which has rarely come up for me) or to tweak server settings (i.e. the purge settings until I landed on some settings that seem to be working.) Or to use the Fly command to take screenshots :blush:

For testing I normally launch my SP game now… since I moved to a dedicated server, my local game mode is free for anything I need to test :slight_smile:

I often used it to test building plans mostly, in my case… when I’m not sure that something I want to do would work, instead of wasting time and materials trying “live”, I just go to the SP game and see if it will work, and when I’m satisfied enough, I come back and start the farming for actually building it.

That’s what I do more when I hit a bug that kinda breaks my will to play, like losing everything due to corpse lost bug, which only happened one time for me… or like logging in to my char being dead in the desert… that also only happened once for me. And I just rolled back to the last game that was “stable” for me. Also, I keep daily backups of my Saved folder just in case the game goes bonkers on me :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a good idea :slight_smile:

I still have to complete the journey step “Fire a trebuchet” myself. I haven’t done it since it feels weird to build a trebuchet just to fire it at nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Ark is nothing but a breeding game. Bored me crazy

That’s only really necessary for hardcore PvP, so I did very little of it myself. Still had over 2,000 hours of great fun doing other things!

I built a trebuchet in single player and launched boulders at the rhino king to see if I could kill him. Tried to get a two for one journey step. I nailed him a few times but it hardly did any damage. Then, it broke. I guess you have to keep those things repaired. Never did try the exploding ones though.

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That sounds like a great idea, I could probably give it a try later when I’m more advanced. How do you make it so you won’t lose your current base ? Like in Ark, a survival game with dinoes, it’s made with the same engine as Conan, but I would need another account to do that for passing the tribe leader so I can get back to it and invite myself in using the alt. I ever left my very own created tribe and I couldn’t get back in and lost a 3 days of progress. And which material type do you use ?


Yea that’s why it can still be a pain in Ark lol even with that many spawn points because the character pretty much cannot do anything after died and without any dino to mount, unless we have a spare flyer ready. That’s why in Ark people build everywhere even a second base for mining, third fourth base and so on for permanent traps, can also for one time taming, and many reasons, and use transport dinoes to move whatever stuffs as needed. That’s what I like in Ark, the preparation to do stuffs just like irl when planning to go on a trip.

But in CE, 1 permanent base is more like it, building second third and so on bases cannot really be applied unless we plan to move permanently. About the enemies cannot hit when running yeah I kinda figured, and pick stuffs using F on the body, but some animals can’t be shaken off like hyena, and I think also tiger, so even after running quite far, they always at our tail, and one thing I’m afraid but never actually let it happen to confirm is when the exile died at spot-1 with all the stuffs, then died the second time at spot-2 or 3 or 4, will the body in spot-1 with all the stuffs disappear ? Even if it’s not, have to use a map mod for custom marker to mark the spot-1.

Also gears in ConanExiles are kinda precious because remaking everything takes time, not only the materials but also the crafting time, maybe it won’t be a problem after having thrall-4 and play for longer time to stockpile materials, but seems like the devs did a great job to make it so that if we lose the gears it would be painful to remake them all. In Ark they kinda do the same with the last DLC with the hazmat that requires quite a long list of mats even though they’re easy to gather because there are flyers/gliders.


@Leeux I also rarely encounter such problem, well, now that I try to remember, I never encountered any so far. I turned off purge because I plan to keep moving building bases until I find the perfect spot for gathering everything. I’m afraid purge will attack my empty base elsewhere so I turned it off.


Lol me too, I never actually get into breeding, I only ever did 3 generations at best when breeding, I never actually played until endgame and I never met any boss, but I still spent 2207 hours on it. Actually I mostly played solo because in my experience joining a tribe, my tribe mates were too lazy and always using my stuffs, in the end they didn’t play quite active too, so to me they’re more of a problem than help.


** I hope it’s not too painful to read, talking to many people in one post.

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Not needed… you can build a hut/castle/anything as yourself and you’d be able to destroy it even if it’s yours, as long as you have “can damage player owned structures” settings turned on… and also pvp settings not restricted (i.e. by times and such.)

You can “technically” create a second character on your same save (I have done it myself) but it’s a bother and requires fiddling with the SQLite database that keeps your savegame data… the game doesn’t support it naturally, sadly

I’d probably use Sandstone myself… but since the intention is spawning everything from the admin panel (since we’re going to destroy it, right?) you could use whatever you want… it’s just, T2 and above would be harder to destroy… but it’d be useful to use if you wanted to practice your raiding skills lol

Think about it like playing chess against yourself… And no cheating! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 6 bases on my current game lol (plus some other random isolated constructions too…)

And as I’m writing this, my purge indicator is full and I’m waiting for it to trigger… so I’ll probably have to book it as soon as it triggers since chances are it will target my base that’s on the other side of the map lol

The thralls are the reason for building bases in different places IMO… dragging them all over the map is really tedious and bug prone… the most probably result is loosing them due to some bug and the like, and when it happens it’s really infuriating… so I prefer not to take chances myself.

Besides that there are some limitations that kinda force you to have a wheel of pain close… like rivers (where swimming is required, you can’t swim with a thrall in tow) and/or cliffs/mountains, since you can’t climb with a thrall in tow either.

So the closer that your base is to the place where your wanted thralls are, the better. And I can’t build lonely Wheels of Pain… I have to build a base around it lol

Good to know, can just use a self built fort for practice then.

I thought about making a new base everytime I discover a place that’s closer to endgame area but it’d need some time I could even got burnt out before that. Seems like I can only do that in SP because even with my current 3x rate it still took around 2 to 3 days making a small base with all the crafting stations and storage . In official server that would take much much longer. For thralls I think I’ll just make the wheel alone without any other structures if I find a good camp, but why can’t you build Wheels of Pain alone ?

IMO the devs should add new mechanic for transporting thralls from faraway places like using a bearer or maybe a cart, or a mount. It’s weird how the game doesn’t have it. If the thrall capture system is incomplete they should make it priority asap because it’s kinda clear that transporting thrall from faraway places isn’t fini

You can build wheels of pain in remote places provided you place a foundation down too. I usually just plop down a single foundation, two walls, a roof and a bedroll. Then it let’s me place a wheel next to it. The nice thing is even place-able thralls are items until you actually place them. I just load them into my inventory and suicide warp back to my bed. Badda-boom badda-bing, Bob’s your uncle.

Just for immersion :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, for me it wouldn’t be believable that you could build a WoP near a settlement in open space and start taking thralls and they wouldn’t retaliate destroying everything and freeing the ones in process of converting. (As I said in other post here, if it breaks my immersion, I don’t do it… or else I start to lose respect for the game very quickly, and get bored.)

And at least, with a cover above and around them it stand to reason that they wont able to do that so easily.

Besides, you wouldn’t do that in a PvP server either, and I would want to play as close as I possible can to the way I would play in a real MP game.

Sounds like fun lol I will try it when I have explored the game further, can also put a female dancer in the building to roleplay saving a princess :smiley:

Ah yea that makes sense. It’s good to know how ppl play lol, can adopt it to our own gameplay. If I have to make the wheel, I’d put 3 fighter/archer thralls at least then, also palisades or other form of fence.

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