Single player castle vanished in minutes

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I spent a very long time building a castle in single player mode offline, been working on it for months while all the crashing issues have restricted online play. I was proud of what i had built, hours and hours spent trying to get the circular towers right so it would look as close to a real castle as i could get it.
Then came another purge “happy days” the only reason to built defences in single player, damn rocknoses again. GAME CRASHES during second wave of purge wtf. Then i load game as quick as i can and guess what the castle I’ve spent so much time building has just vanished, as i stand there thinking it just needs to render i see loot bags dropping from the air landing all around me. I check event log and its just a list of pieces that have lost stability, a five minute scroll of red writing, listing everything that i have lost. There is no way the rocknoses did this as all my archers are floating in the air and there’s not even one foundation piece left.
19gb update that had to be downloaded today, thats bigger than a lot of games, the second large update this month and instead of making the game playable again it has broke my heart. I actually feel like crying i am that angry. I went from being excited about this large update to feeling like throwing my Xbox through the tv. I cant believe this has happened, how can i spend all that time for it to disappear in minutes.
What excuses are Funcom going to come up with for this one, is it my xbox, or my internet connection ,maybe i should have an external hard-drive or is it a known issue that they are working on.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: castle update
3.purge crashes game
4.all buildings gone, search lootbags, grab keystone, use it

Which platform are you on?

Looks like it’s Xbox, unfortunately.

Sorry for your castle man, that blows.

You should have posted it on bugs. It seens like something about logging off during purges has triggered some logic which considered your foundations should have been wiped by the purge.

Thankfully its single player, you can activate admin panel and just give yourself the building pieces to reconstruct your castle again since it’s obviously a bug.

Spawning in the building pieces takes the sense of accomplishment out of the build, it takes the playability out of it as gathering all the resources to build is a big part of game. I was going to post it in bugs but thought the general discussion forums get a better response from the community

No ,no back up saves just another drawback that comes from being a console player

Moved to bugs now

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Hey @Walkerbait81

Apologies for the frustration. Without a clear image of the base it’s difficult to know what happened, but it seems the Purge did enough damage to a critical structural point and everything else collapsed.
Just in case, did you have a lot of pillars in your base?

As i put in post the purge could not have done it as the base was completely gone and there were foundation walls around the base in frontier style with reinforced fences around them. I have survived many purges to date and never seen them take out more than a handful of foundation walls. When purges damage walls the archers on top of them dont just float there exactly where they were placed. As i have been playing offline where i have never had any issues before even with the other crashing issues that came from updates. I tried taking screen shots after the collapse but xbox wouldnt let me and i can assure you there were no structural ways for a few foundations to collapse entire building as it was built 45x45 exterior foundation walls with a 23x23 interior structure with 4 independent towers built with foundations as walls joining together surrounding central structure. I have mini version on pve-c official server in frozen north and even when meteors hit foundations only a couple of pieces get destroyed, this version has survived offline purges with a fraction of archers on the walls

Can you see on the forums the issues Xbox players are having with single player saves and you blame a pillar for collapsing whole castle, own up to your companies mistakes and stop giving rubbish responses. All i wanted to know is if I spent another couple of months playing would this happen again and judging from the lack of response you haven’t a clue

@Walkerbait81 Maybe you should read up on the concept of bugs in games (in many cases there won’t be an easy yes/no or clear answer to give you no matter how much someone want to help or not) and maybe count to 10… being overly rude and make silly claims won’t help anyone.

Is that your two cents worth, jog on

Sadly the only one to jog on after this is you; I feel for your base (as a builder myself), it certainly sounds 110% like a really bad bug and not normal… and I don’t see any relation to foundation or pillars either. I don’t think expecting that anyone can say “it won’t happen again” is realistic though and official responses can be lacking, though lack of being considerate is unlikely with ill intent. If this happened to me I’d be furious and sad as well (and I’ve had game breaking bugs). Best of luck.

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